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How AI and Chat-GPT will transform practice management and client comms

Lisa Miles-Heal
Ben Marcilhacy
Celso Pinto
Nicolai Thomson

Chat-GPT has taken the world by storm – but what impact will Generative AI have on practice management and client comms?

Can you imagine a time when AI can monitor incoming questions from clients, find the relevant data, and create a response ready to send?

Well, you don’t need to imagine. Because this reality exists NOW!

Join us for this panel where 3 leaders shaping the future of how Chat-GPT and AI will impact practice management & client comms will share:

  • Everyday applications of generative AI in practice management
  • What data security concerns are there when AI can access client data?
  • Thinking deeper: what does future functionality look like?

Don’t miss this closing keynote to understand the future of AI and Chat-GPT in accounting!

June 15 @ 15:30
15:30 — 16:00 (30′)

Main Stage

Ben Marcilhacy, Celso Pinto, Lisa Miles-Heal, Nicolai Thomson