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Knowledge-Share Roundtable: The benefits of outsourcing crypto tax clients for accounting firms

Jamie Nuttall
Head of Crypto Tax

Join us for an enlightening roundtable discussion led by Jamie Nuttall, a seasoned accountant and expert in cryptocurrency taxation, as he shares his insights and experiences on why accountants should consider outsourcing their crypto tax clients. This interactive session will explore the advantages, challenges, and best practices associated with delegating crypto tax responsibilities to specialized professionals.


Jamie Nuttall, a highly regarded accountant with extensive knowledge of cryptocurrency taxation, will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the benefits of outsourcing crypto tax clients. Drawing from his own experiences and successes, Jamie will delve into the intricacies of navigating the evolving landscape of crypto taxation, while shedding light on the immense value that specialized expertise can bring to accounting practices.


During this roundtable, Jamie will discuss key considerations and practical insights that accountants should be aware of when contemplating outsourcing their crypto tax clients. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the advantages, challenges, and potential growth opportunities associated with this strategic approach.


Topics to be covered in this roundtable include:

  • The Complexities of Crypto Taxation: Explore the unique challenges and complexities of accurately and effectively managing cryptocurrency tax obligations, including regulatory compliance, record-keeping, and tax reporting requirements.
  • Benefits of Outsourcing Crypto Tax Clients: Discover the advantages that outsourcing crypto tax clients can offer, such as access to specialized expertise, time and cost savings, enhanced client service, and reduced compliance risks.
  • Selecting the Right Outsourcing Partner: Gain insights into the criteria for selecting an outsourcing partner, including their level of expertise, reputation, data security measures, and track record in handling crypto tax matters.
  • Overcoming Challenges and Building Trust: Learn how to address common concerns, such as data security, privacy, and maintaining client relationships, while building trust with the outsourcing partner and ensuring a seamless collaboration.
  • Scaling Your Practice: Explore how outsourcing crypto tax clients can provide scalability for your accounting practice, enabling you to focus on core services, expand your client base, and seize new opportunities in the evolving cryptocurrency landscape.
  • Best Practices and Lessons Learned: Hear firsthand accounts and practical advice from Jamie Nuttall and other participants who have successfully outsourced their crypto tax clients, and gain insights into best practices for a smooth and efficient transition.


This roundtable discussion is a must-attend event for accounting professionals who want to optimize their crypto tax services, improve efficiency, and provide their clients with the highest level of expertise. By participating, you will have the opportunity to engage with Jamie Nuttall and industry peers, gain valuable insights, and explore the advantages of outsourcing crypto tax clients to specialized professionals.

June 15 @ 15:30
15:30 — 16:00 (30′)

Knowledge Share Roundtable #2&nbsp

Jamie Nuttall