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Digital Accountancy Show 2024

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Accounting for Inventory: Stock management & inventory tools for clients

Matt Flanagan Bluehub
Matt Flanagan
Callum Wagstaff
Hilary Dyson
Philip Oakley

Are you working with clients with growing inventory needs?


Join us in this panel as host Matt Flanagan is joined by a panel of inventory specialists who will be discussing:


  • The top tech & tools they recommend to deliver the best possible service to clients with inventory needs
  • How to help scope and implement inventory systems (+ the panels top add recommendations)
  • Pitalls & challenges to look out for when working with these clients (and how to avoid them)
June 15 @ 10:10
10:10 — 10:40 (30′)

Tech Academy

Callum Wagstaff, Hilary Dyson, Matt Flanagan, Philip Oakley