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Delivering Business Analytics for your clients with Power BI

Reuben Barry

A session to understand what Power BI is capable of when deployed in genuine business contexts across different industries.


In this session I will discuss and present:


  • Why Power BI – Strategy
  • What is the purpose of “reporting”, why should we invest time and money in it? What outcomes should our reporting solutions be delivering to us? We will discuss how our strategy of “actionable analytics” shapes what we do for our clients, evolving from traditional reporting of historic performance to action-focused intervention in order to deliver better business outcomes.
  • What is Power BI – Demo examples


We will talk through a select number of examples of this strategy in action, manifesting in some of the Power BI solutions we have built for customers including financial reporting, procurement, order fulfilment, client analysis and project profitability in a professional services firm.

June 15 @ 16:30
16:30 — 17:00 (30′)

Advisory Live

Reuben Barry