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Is remote working really working? Building culture in a digital firm

Kayleigh Graham
Mitch Hahn
Phil Ellerby

In 2020, most of the country shifted to a remote working model overnight.


Many firms have remained remote, whilst many others are now encouraging staff to return to the office full-time.


In this session, Kayleigh, Mitch, and Phil will explore the current state of remote work in the accounting industry and its impact on the building of a strong organisational culture.


The panellists will discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of remote work and will share their experiences and insights on how to build a positive company culture in a digital environment. Covering topics such as employee engagement, communication, and collaboration, the panel will aim to provide actionable recommendations and best practices for companies looking to transition to remote work or enhance their existing remote work policies.


The goal of the discussion is to provide a well-rounded perspective on the current state of remote work in the accounting industry and offer practical solutions for building a strong, inclusive company culture.

June 15 @ 10:10
10:10 — 10:40 (30′)

Leaders In Accounting

Kayleigh Graham, Mitch Hahn, Phil Ellerby