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Knowledge-Share Roundtable: Realising untapped potential with a modern tech stack

Steve Reynard
Johann Goree

Accountants and bookkeepers often need a long list of products to support complex work such as proposals, payments, invoicing, workflows, or HR. When built on old tech, locally installed, or separated, the technology stack in any growing accounting firm can be pretty complex, especially with the manual work and risk of error that comes with it.


Leaders should review their tech stack regularly to find better ways that will earn time, enable growth and even uncover untapped areas to drive revenue.


Join us for this session as Johann Goree and Steve Reynard share opportunities that will help expand your revenue potential and add extra value to clients, without needing to hire extra resources.

June 15 @ 14:30
14:30 — 15:00 (30′)

Knowledge Share Roundtable #2&nbsp

Johann Goree, Steve Reynard