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Digital Accountancy Show 2024

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What does ‘success’ look like for your business & how does tech help you achieve this?

Nick Cheyne
Charlotte Zacharia
Emilio Vences
Matthew Marshall

What defines ‘success’ for Accounting Practices today? Our panellists each run a successful Accounting practice, which they built from scratch and by using a variety of tech. Their practices each have different visions, missions, tech stacks and clients. The differences have shaped what success looks like for them and how they define ‘success’. Our panellists will be sharing the secrets, the tools and the tech they use, to help you identify what ‘success’ really means for you and your practice.


We will cover topics such as:


– What does success mean to you and for your business?
– Has the idea of success changed from when you first started?
– How has tech helped you achieve success?
– How do you measure success?
– What can be misconceived as success?
– What are the types of perception of success that can be created through social media?

June 15 @ 16:30
16:30 — 17:00 (30′)

Leaders In Accounting

Charlotte Zacharia, Emilio Vences, Matthew Marshall, Nick Cheyne