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Session #10 Know Your Number How Much & By When

After 9 sessions, discussing growth strategies it is time to dig into the bigger picture.  Session 9 in our 12-week programme of financial advisory seminars sets out to explore THE most important question you and your client should have front and centre of every substantial discussion:

What’s Your Number? How much do you need your business to be worth and by when, in order to live the life you want to live without the fear of ever running out of money…?  

Session #9 Daniel Plowright of Enquir3 shared some brilliantly simple low cost and no cost strategies for new client acquisition, this week, in session #10 we are honoured to have Sanjay Shah join us to explain why ‘Knowing Your Number’ is critical for both your client and for you as your client’s most trusted advisor.

If you can help your client understand exactly how much wealth they need to acquire to be sure that whatever happens in the future, they will never run out of money, and help them achieve the goal of building their asset base, in particular, their business to realise that value, you become THE most valuable advisor in your client’s life.

  • In an ideal world, how much wealth does your client need to accumulate and by when?
  • What contribution does their business need to make to achieve their goal of financial stability?
  • How can you help them establish ‘Their Number’ and their game plan for making it happen?


Sanjay Shah

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