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Why accountants should be involved in funding

Ollie Maitland

Long live the accountant

High street banks have closed over 3,000 branches across the UK between 2015 and 2019, leaving thousands of business owners isolated from their usual source of guidance and support. Business owners have to make important financial decisions based on limited information. “It used to be simple to go to the bank about a business loan. It was probably the same bank where you had your personal account, mortgage, savings accounts and even investments,” says CEO Paul Surtees.

Today this isn’t the case.

A huge range of products and change in the industry

From loans to credit facilities, from payments to FX, SMEs have historically had to process their financial needs through their bank. However, the financial crisis and fast technology changes brought to market in recent years mean that legacy financial institutions like banks, are refocusing their efforts on a narrow range of products.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Today over 360 lenders exist, all carving out a niche in the market and looking to provide best of breed solutions to all business owners.

Although, businesses are leaving just seven days to find funding and spending less than an hour researching lenders, this results in a “paradox of choice” for the business owners and a high cost for identifying the most appropriate lenders from the perplexing array of options in the market.

The opportunity for accountants

“We as accountants simply need to look for better ways to deliver a better client experience,” says Will Farnell, Partner of Farnell Clarke. This gap in guidance and the absence of high street bank branches across the UK provides an opportunity for accountants to step in as the access point to financial services.

Financially literate, unbiased, regulated and relationship-oriented, accountants are uniquely positioned to be the new gatekeeper for SME clients and their financial needs.

Do more than refer and build a service

Rather than referring clients to unknown lenders or brokers, bringing funding in house keeps clients closer and allows firms to be part of the growth journey for the business. Fees around this growth journey – from forecasting to business plans – create additional fee revenue and an opportunity to review the ongoing retained services offered to the client.

Partnering with over 100 high street banks and niche SME lenders, Capitalise provides a simplified entry point into the funding market. Combining the best of technology with an in house funding team, we train, market and walk you through the funding process so that you can focus on providing a best of breed service to your clients.

Put funding at the heart of your firm – and use your expertise to help clients build sustainable, successful businesses.

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