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Digital Accountancy Show 2024

Your front row seat to the future of accounting & finance.

16th & 17th April 2024, Evolution London



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Time of the Day

    Main Stage

  • Digital Accountancy Show 2024: Opening Ceremony & Remarks

    10:00 - 10:10 Locations Main Stage
    Dan Cockerton
    Digital Accountancy Show
  • How to build and increase value in your accounting firm

    10:15 - 10:45 Locations Main Stage Instructors Dawn Marriott
    Dawn Marriott
    HG Capital

    How are you currently building value in your accounting firm? In our opening keynote, Partner at HG Capital and former CEO of Azets, Dawn Marriott, shares practical tips and ideas for building and increasing value in your accounting firm.

    Dawn will cover concepts around your team, company culture, and systems needed in order to build as much value as possible for the furture.

  • The Problem With Apps

    11:30 - 12:00 Locations Main Stage Instructors Gary Turner
    Gary Turner

    Almost two decades on since cloud apps began their journey into the mainstream and transformed the world of software, we’ve somehow gone from the innovation-rich era of “There’s an app for that!” into the stale, cluttered era of “Why are there 50 apps for that?!”

    Cloud accounting pioneer Gary Turner shares his personal perspective and outlook on the future of cloud business apps and how the approaches adopted by today’s emerging cloud platforms, such as Translucent, Rippling and others could mean we are about to enter a new phase of fresh innovation and disruption.”


  • My Name’s Jason And I just Got Replaced By AI

    12:45 - 13:15 Locations Main Stage Instructors Jason Staats
    Jason Staats
    Realize LLC

    Sesssion synopsis:

    • 1
    • 2
    • 3

    Join us!

  • Focus on purpose: How to do more of what you love

    14:30 - 15:00 Locations Main Stage Instructors Stuart Miller
    Stuart Miller
    Director, Product Compliance & Industry Engagement

    What are you dreaming of achieving, but just can’t see the wood through the trees? A trip to Disneyland, hitting the ski slopes each January or finding time to run that impactful community project?

    Getting to a stage in your firm where you have the means and the time to do that thing you love might sound utopian. But Xero’s Stuart Miller contends that it’s more achievable than you think. In this session, he’ll explain the gear changes a practice needs to go through to bring ultimate efficiency, and some of the technologies coming that will enable it.

  • Why & How to Deploy Bots Successfully in your Practice – from Micro to Top 20

    15:30 - 16:00 Locations Main Stage Instructors Chris McKennaDaniel LawrenceKara Curtayne
    Daniel Lawrence
    Bots For That
    Kara Curtayne
    Chris McKenna
    TC Bulley Davey

    Panel discussion with the founder and CEO of Bots For That, and three practice owners/leaders.

    The panel will share the journey that each practice is on, discussing how they got started with bots, how they integrated them into their practice, and the challenges and changes they are making.

    The panel will share their view on the impact and opportunity of using bots, whether you’re facing the challenges of rapid growth and scale on route to a top 20 position or establishing and growing a micro or small practice and looking for ways to do more with less.


    -Learn about the many different reasons or triggers that a practice might want to introduce bots.

    -Hear how bots can help you now and what the future might look like.

    -Learn how bots can tie into and enable the aspirations and ambitions for your practice.

    -Hear where each practice sees themselves within the industry in 5 years time.

  • Essential Strategies for Financial System Success: From pre-selection to post go-live

    16:30 - 17:00 Locations Main Stage Instructors Ross LattaSteve Campbell
    Ross Latta
    MacroFin NetSuite Partner
    Steve Campbell
    Nick Taylor
    Aravinda Subasinghe
    COO - Financial Advisory

    “Part of the pursuit of excellence involves eliminating as many surprises as possible, because life is full of the unexpected.” Sir Alex Ferguson

    Digital change in a business finance function is a necessity to both support, and drive, continuous growth. For a CFO, these projects represent a large investment of time and money meaning that all eyes are focused on them, their team and their budget – failure isn’t an option.

    Eliminating points of failure, avoiding common pitfalls and achieving success while in the spotlight can be daunting, but absolutely necessary.

    Join MacroFin co-founders Steve Campbell & Ross Latta, as they moderate a panel of industry experts and CFOs who have recently implemented a new finance system for an interactive discussion and Q&A. The speakers will take questions from the audience, share their experience from hundreds of system implementations, and advise on the best ways to remove risk pre-, during, and post-implementation.

    From career-chartered accountants to finance leaders and entrepreneurs of fast-growing businesses, the panel has been responsible for over 300 successful projects combined and are sharing their unique finance-focussed experience of digital transformation with Digital Accountancy Show Attendees:

    • Pre-Project
    • Requirement Identification
    • Team Readiness
    • Tech Stack Selection & Integrations


    • During-Project
    • Project management
    • Establishing accountability
    • Tracking success & budget
    • Go-live process


    • Post-Project
    • Defining long-term pathway
    • Ongoing system optimisation
    • Day-to-day Support
  • Evolution Stage

  • Jaguar Land Rover Case Study: Sustainability Initiatives & The Role Of The CFO

    10:15 - 10:45 Locations Evolution Stage Instructors Michael Mills
    Michael Mills
    Jaguar Land Rover
    Finance Director - Strategy & Sustainability

    Understanding the sustainability goals of Jaguar Land Rover and how the CFO and finance function are supporting and driving the change within the business. Hear about Jaguar Land Rovers successes and lessons learnt along the journey to delivery its ESG aspirations and Carbon Net Zero by 2039.

  • Adapting to the new AML landscape: Trends, Technology, and Tactics

    11:30 - 12:00 Locations Evolution Stage Instructors Danielle FisherMike Crocker
    Danielle Fisher
    AML Product Manager
    Mike Crocker
    Gravitate Accounting

    It’s a wild world out there with smarter bad guys and new AI driven tech hoping to fool the unexpecting business owner and their agent!

    Accountants and bookkeepers play a crucial role in upholding the integrity of financial systems and safeguarding against potential illicit activities. More than ever, it’s crucial to have a robust Anti-Money Laundering process but also cool tech, turning new challenges into wins for your business.

    Join us for this engaging session as we discuss more than just systems, but about staying safe, savvy and one step ahead!

  • The Future of Audit Tech

    12:45 - 13:15 Locations Evolution Stage Instructors Lindsey Tyler
    Lindsey Tyler
    UK Head of Audit
    Chetan Mistry
    Evelyn Partners
    Partner - Audit, Technology and Innovation
    David Goode
    Expert Services Senior Manager
    Ian Pay
    Head of Data Analytics and Tech
  • Data migration: Navigating the move to cloud accounts & tax production

    14:30 - 15:00 Locations Evolution Stage Instructors Dan Faulkner
    Dan Faulkner
    Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting UK
    Lead Technology Product Manager

    You’ve heard about the benefits of cloud computing. You’ve tried adopting some cloud services and you know you need to move, but you haven’t. Why?

    Cloud migration poses many challenges. A successful migration requires extensive planning across the organization, there’s lots to consider and you’re not ready.

    In this session we’ll dive into what migration means, the considerations to make and the pitfalls you need to avoid so you can start preparing today.

  • Seizing the Upper Hand: Mastering AI Before It Masters You

    15:30 - 16:00 Locations Evolution Stage Instructors Steve Reynard
    Steve Reynard
    Employment Hero
    Head of Partnerships, UK
    Alex Falcon Huerta
    Soaring Falcon
    Director & CEO
    • Strategies on how to leverage the power of technology and AI
    • Understand AI’s capabilities, applications and implications. It can offer practical strategies and actionable insights for organisations to leverage AI as a transformative tool for innovation, efficiency, and competitive advantage.
    • Consider adding additional revenue streams
  • How to leverage G-sheets, Excel and APIs to create bespoke, beautiful management packs your clients actually want to read

    16:30 - 17:00 Locations Evolution Stage Instructors Dave Sellick
    Dave Sellick
    Founder / Director

    Reporting apps don’t work. In 2024, finance professionals are taking matters into their own hands to build bespoke, beautiful, management packs that your clients actually want to read.

    In this session, Dave Sellick pulls back the curtain on his workflows to share how you can build bespoke reports using G-Sheets, Excel, and APIs. This session will be highly actionable and practical for anybody wanting to deliver better insights to their clients.

  • AI, the largest platform shift since electricity and the internet.

    13:30 - 14:00 Locations Evolution Stage Instructors Matt Brodie
    Matt Brodie
    Partner Development Manager
    Nicola Savill
    Moore Kingston Smith
    Director of Business Outsourcing Services
    Abul Nurujjaman
    Managing Director
    Taj Accountants

    See how Intuit QuickBooks is using AI to develop solutions that will help accounting professionals to supercharge their practice. Discover our latest tools and capabilities that will save you time and surface insights to help you scale your impact. We’ll be joined by leading accounting professionals to discuss how AI and technology is changing the way they do business, and the benefits they’re seeing.

  • Fireside Chat

  • Alternative models: How we offshore our entire team

    10:15 - 10:45 Locations Fireside Chat Instructors Emilio VencesJoseph Heaton
    Emilio Vences
    Heaton Vences
    Joseph Heaton
    Heaton Vences

    How do you actually make outsourcing & offshoring work? In this panel session, Joseph Heaton and Emilio Vences will pull back the curtain and share how they’ve built their firm using a completely offshored team. They’ll share their thoughts on cracking this model as well as mistakes they’ve made along the way.

  • Tales of scale: From my garage to Mid-Size Firm of the year in 7 years

    11:30 - 12:00 Locations Fireside Chat Instructors Wesley Rashid
    Wesley Rashid
    Accountancy Cloud
    CEO & Co-founder

    A team of 45, a failed expansion to the USA, and building practice management software. It’s been a busy 7 years for Accountancy Cloud and in this reveal-all session, Founder Wesley Rashid shares insights around growth, and creating a high-performance culture.

  • Revolutionising Accounting Advisory: The Power of Virtual Finance Directors, Advanced Technology, and Strategic Offshoring

    12:45 - 13:15 Locations Fireside Chat Instructors David Kerr
    David Kerr
    GI Outsourcing
    Commercial Director
    Steve Darnell
    VFD Pro
    Sue Penney
    Penney's Accountancy
    Part Time FD and Managing Director
    William Massey
    Fortis Accountancy
    Part Time FD and Managing Director
    • Offering a Virtual Finance Directors (VFDs) service enables UK Accountancy firms a pathway to providing true strategic advisory services to their clients.
    • Aligning this with the adoption of AI, machine learning, and integrated industry specific cloud-based systems can augment the level of MI available, to significantly improve the productivity, effectiveness and value of a VFD service.
    • Combining a VFD offering & advanced technology with strategic offshoring, will provide a compelling value proposition to your clients, by giving your in-house VFDs an unlimited pool of sector specialised accountants to build for their individual client roles. By offshoring, this will give your firm a competitive edge and scalability in an increasingly important part of our profession.
  • M&A Uncovered: How to acquire and integrate fees of £100K-£1M into your firm

    14:30 - 15:00 Locations Fireside Chat Instructors Carl ReaderJames GoslingJames KnightsJoanne Bell
    James Gosling
    AJ Chambers
    Director, Mergers & Acquisitions
    Joanne Bell
    Bells Accountants
    Carl Reader
    D&T Chartered Accountants
    Joint Chairman / Owner
    James Knights
    Knights Lowe
    Managing Director

    Are you considering growth by acquisition? In this session chaired by M&A expert James Gosling, three firms will share their first-hand experiences of acquiring accounting firms ranging from £100K to £1M in fees. We’ll be doing a deep dive into multiples, red flags, and other insights to be aware of when considering a future acquisition.

  • How we grew from 1-20 staff in 2 years (without losing a single client)

    15:30 - 16:00 Locations Fireside Chat Instructors Martin Brennan
    Martin Brennan
    Onside Accounting Limited
    Founder / CEO

    In this intimate fireside chat, Onside Accounting Founder Martin Brennan shares how he has scaled his accounting firm without compromising on client service quality. Expect to learn Martin’s approach to business planning, recruiting the right people, as well as some of the biggest mistakes he’s made so far.

  • The Accountant Vendor Partnership: Making software partnerships work for everyone

    16:30 - 17:00 Locations Fireside Chat Instructors Jordan VickeryLuke QuincePamela PhillipsRichard Sergeant
    Richard Sergeant
    Principle Point
    Pamela Phillips
    de Jong Phillips Ltd
    MD / Owner
    Luke Quince
    UK Head of Digital Delivery Services
    Jordan Vickery

    How can accounting firms and software vendors work better together?

    In this panel, we’ll be discussing what more vendors can do to support accounting firms, and equally how accounting firms can embrace working with software vendors.

    This is all about creating win-win partnerships where everybody succeeds.

  • Tech Academy

  • How will Gen AI shape the future of accounting?

    10:15 - 10:45 Locations Tech Academy Instructors Barinder ChadhaJenny FaulknerJohn ToonVincent Damen
    Vincent Damen
    Product Manager
    Jenny Faulkner
    Mercia Group
    Head of Audit, Accounting & Compliance
    Barinder Chadha
    Haysmacintyre LLP
    Head of Audit Quality Transformation
    John Toon
    Beever & Struthers
    Technology Strategy Lead

    – Discussing the current state and potential future of AI in accounting
    – Addressing common challenges in adopting new technologies in accounting firms
    – Providing practical guidance on incorporating AI tools into everyday workflows

  • Managing finance operations in a Web3 organisation

    11:30 - 12:00 Locations Tech Academy Instructors Harpal SinghJean-Baptiste ChenutMo Yang
    Mo Yang
    Fuel Labs Inc
    Umar Mallam Hassam
    Web3CFO Club/The Accountant Quits
    Co-Founder & Community Lead
    Harpal Singh
    Algorand Foundation
    Jean-Baptiste Chenut
    Request Finance

    Developments in blockchain, NFTs, and even the Metaverse have led to an explosion of Web3 organisations. In this session, learn from 4 experienced CFOs about how they manage finance operations in these complex businesses. They’ll share insights around understanding Web3 business models, tech to use, and pitfalls to watch out for.

  • Mastering the tech & tools for empowering tech start-ups

    12:45 - 13:15 Locations Tech Academy Instructors Tasnim MustafaVanisha Benjamin
    Martin Brennan
    Onside Accounting
    Tasnim Mustafa
    Barnes & Scott
    Founder & Director
    Rachel Portelli
    The Accountancy Cloud
    Head of Finance
  • The power of a strategic tech stack: harnessing innovation in practices

    14:30 - 15:00 Locations Tech Academy Instructors Russell FrayneTony Stevenson
    Tony Stevenson
    Senior Digital Enablement Manager
    Russell Frayne
    Director of Transformation
    Dave Norwell
    BDM Sales Manager

    Is your tech stack a collection of disconnected tools or the perfect balance between innovation and strategic vision? Join FreeAgent’s Tony Stevenson FCA and panel for a discussion to discover how the right digital tools in your tech ecosystem can revolutionise your practice, no matter its size. Our expert panel will discuss:

    – building a dynamic tech ecosystem in your practice
    – AI-powered tactics and tools for staying ahead of the curve
    – direct experiences of large firm practitioners using FreeAgent
    – insights into FreeAgent’s powerful integrations

  • Building up Construction: Tech & tools to help construction clients

    15:30 - 16:00 Locations Tech Academy Instructors Carly ShawCiaran BrennanEmily Inman
    Carly Shaw
    Clarative Accounting
    Ciaran Brennan
    Emily Inman
    Emma Cohen
    LB Group
    Head of Digital Solutions

    Are you currently supporting construction clients through turbulent times?

    Join us in this session and discover insights and experience from serving construction clients of all shapes & sizes.

    Expect to learn:

    • Which tech & tools they recommend using to deliver the best service to construction clients
    • Pitfalls & challenges to be aware of when working with these clients
  • APIs 101: What are they and how can you leverage them to streamline your workflow?

    16:30 - 17:00 Locations Tech Academy Instructors Jonathan Mifsud
    Jonathan Mifsud
    Co-Founder & CTO

    Over the last 7 years, Jonathan and has team have been responsible for building the Xero APIs for many of the products you love and use today.

    In this session, he’ll break down the basics of what APIs are, where to find API documentation, and how you can leverage them to streamline your app workflows.

  • Advisory Live

  • How to deliver Virtual FD services that make a difference

    10:15 - 10:45 Locations Advisory Live Instructors Andrew TurpinBen WithinshawDuran HamerMartin BownSilvia Merchant
    Silvia Merchant
    Vision Accountants
    Founder & MD
    Martin Bown
    My Management Accountant
    Ben Withinshaw
    Surrey Hills Accountancy
    Andrew Turpin
    Duran Hamer
    Syft Analytics

    With tech and data at their hands, more firms are making a shift towards offering fractional and virtual FD services to their clients. Not only can these services create new fees, they can also make a huge difference to your clients’ businesses.

    In this session, hear from 4 sessions of varying sizes about how they deliver Virtual FD services. They’ll be sharing what the service consists of, how they package, pitch, and price them, as well as the apps they use to support and provide insights as part of this high-value offering.

  • Serving mid-market organisations with digital transformation

    11:30 - 12:00 Locations Advisory Live Instructors Matt Lewns
    Matt Lewns
    Partner Manager
    Simon Woodhams
    Moore Kingston Smith
    Software Advisory Manager
    Kevin Dunn
    Macalvins Group/Finzo/GI Outsourcing
    Solutions Director

    In today’s heavily commoditised and price-driven SME market, digital transformation is no longer a competitive advantage for service providers. While entry-level cloud-based products have been adopted by many, mid-market organisations are still underserviced due to the lack of suitable and affordable options.

    A panel including leaders of Top 30 firms and iplicit’s Partner Manager, Matt Lewns, will give practical insights into those changes and how practices can best serve growing clients.

    Among the topics covered will be:

    • What happens when entry-level finance software is no longer able to provide the financial information that clients need;
    • The challenges of servicing large UK and international groups; How to service multi-entity and multi-currency global organisations efficiently.
  • Ready. Set. Grow: International expansion, consolidation, automation & AI

    12:45 - 13:15 Locations Advisory Live Instructors Artti AurasmaaJames Hewitt
    Artti Aurasmaa
    James Hewitt
    Zone & Co
    EMEA Senior Sales Manager

    How to recognise and embrace triggers for growth to ensure that finance is a driving force in your company’s rapid expansion – not the team left trying to keep up.

    From adding subsidiaries and managing consolidations to incorporating new currencies, tax jurisdictions, languages, cultures and processes, scaling presents a myriad of complexities for finance teams. And those are only the obvious ones, bring in billing, reporting, banking, and approvals and, well…it’s a lot.

    Join Artti Aurasmaa, CEO of Staria, and James Hewitt, EMEA Senior Sales Manager at Zone&Co, as they share their experiences of implementing tech, advising, and leading businesses of all sizes over the last 20+ years.

    In this session, our experts will cover everything you need to know, including:

    – Identifying opportunities for rapid, sustainable growth
    – Positioning finance as a facilitator, as opposed to a blocker, of growth
    – Critical factors for international expansion
    – Finance functions to automate
    – The role of AI in finance

    With careers spanning from self-funded start-ups to leading investor-backed global organisations, both speakers present unrivalled insights into how to structure your core financial platform through to embracing the latest developments in tech and AI to drive automation and efficiencies across your entire business.

    Whether you are already scaling and struggling with an ever-expanding tech stack, or you’re preparing to take off, this session is guaranteed to provide vital takeaways and insights to help you on your journey.

  • The Bundling Era: Why accounting firms should be excited about combining AP, AR, and cash flow tech solutions

    14:30 - 15:00 Locations Advisory Live Instructors Henrik GrimTom Allerton
    Henrik Grim
    CEO & Co-Founder
    Tom Allerton
    Bitesize Consulting

    In this session, you’ll learn:

    – Background: Tom’s journey founding & scaling an advisory-led firm
    – The role for technology to play – why it matters
    – Why bundling AP, AR & cash flow mgmt makes sense

  • Case study: Helping Startups To Scale With A ‘CFO On Tap’ Service

    15:30 - 16:00 Locations Advisory Live Instructors Lee MaughanSam Burgess
    Lee Maughan
    Green & Purple
    Sam Burgess

    What role can accountants play in helping start-up businesses to scale? In this session, Green & Purple CEO Lee Maughan will be interviewing his client, Sam Burgess, about how ‘CFO on tap’ services helped Sam’s business Partful to grow and scale. Expect actionable tips, insights, and advice from the trenches on how to do this in your own firm.

  • Carbon ‘Accounting’ for SMEs – The role of Accountants & tools you can use

    16:30 - 17:00 Locations Advisory Live Instructors James Lizars
    James Lizars
    Founder and CEO

    As small businesses begin engaging with their journey to Net Zero, a range of Carbon Accounting tools are available to make life easier for them.

    But, whilst they may integrate with ledger software, are we ready for the role that we can play in making the output meaningful? In this session, we’ll dive into the business case that’s driving the transition amongst SMEs and how it’s our skillset that will be in demand.

    We’ll explore;
    – What is Carbon Accounting?
    – How can it add value to an SME?
    – The role of accountants and bookkeepers

  • How To Hub

  • How to integrate Generative AI & Zapier to automate your everyday workflows

    10:15 - 10:45 Locations How-To Hub Instructors Kelly Goss
    Kelly Goss
    Founder & Chief Problem Solver

    In this session, Solvaa’s Kelly Goss will help you understand how you can use Generative AI with Zapier to automate your routine tasks and make you more productive. Kelly will explore and demonstrate the following:

    – The basics of using Zapier
    – Combining Generative AI with Zapier to supercharge your automations
    – Five things you can automate straight away

    After this session, you will be inspired to start using automation in your practice.

  • Have you got what it takes to run your own Portfolio FD business?

    11:30 - 12:00 Locations How-To Hub Instructors Daniella Wainwright
    Daniella Wainwright
    Wainwright Consulting Ltd
    Founder and Portfolio FD

    Taking the leap from industry or practice to become a Portfolio FD isn’t straightforward. What kind of attributes do you need to be successful? How do you position yourself and pitch for work? In this session, Portfolio FD Dani Wainwright shares her experience of jumping from FTSE 100 PLC roles to a growing Portfolio FD business, sharing common pitfalls to avoid and mistakes she made along the way. Dani is now not only passionate about helping SMEs thrive, but also about helping other senior finance professionals access this lifestyle through her PowerUP! cohort courses.

  • How to become a B-Corp accounting firm

    12:45 - 13:15 Locations How-To Hub Instructors Fran EllingtonJennifer WilliamsonMyfanwy NevilleScott Johnson
    Fran Ellington
    Triple Bottom Line Accounting Ltd
    Director: HR, Sustainability and Business Development
    Scott Johnson
    Kung Fu Accounting
    Chief Activist
    Jennifer Williamson
    Kreston Reeves LLP
    Myfanwy Neville
    BKL, Chartered Accountants & Tax Advisers

    The B-corp mission supports a vision of an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. And accounting firms are uniquely positioned to help drive this. In this panel, hear from 4 accounting firms who have all achieved B-corp status sharing what it takes and the role they now play in helping clients achieve similar outcomes.

  • How to support mental health issues in the new digital age, and how to better manage your own mental health

    13:30 - 14:00 Locations How-To Hub Instructors Cristian Holmes
    Cristian Holmes

    In this session, CEO of the Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association, Cristian Holmes, shares practice tips and advice for managing both your own mental health, and the mental health of your team.

  • How to manage crypto accounting in 2024

    14:30 - 15:00 Locations How-To Hub Instructors Umar Mallam Hassam
    Umar Mallam Hassam
    Web3CFO Club/The Accountant Quits
    Co-Founder & Community Lead

    Crypto accounting is a constantly changing landscape. In this session, you’ll learn:

    • What makes crypto accounting different
    • Understanding how ‘Block Explorers’ work
    • How to get the data for accounting into Xero (and accurate)
  • How To Put Client acquisition on autopilot with Google’s Performance Max AI

    15:30 - 16:00 Locations How-To Hub Instructors Taylor Housden
    Taylor Housden

    Transform your approach to client acquisition with the power of Google’s AI.

    Performance Max is your key to unlocking a stream of high-quality leads with minimal effort.

    In this action-packed session, Taylor will show you how to:

    • Leverage AI: Harness Google’s advanced AI to automate your marketing, reaching potential clients across multiple platforms with ease.
    • Boost Efficiency: Cut down on manual campaign adjustments, saving time and focusing your energy where it’s needed most.
    • Increase ROI: Optimize your advertising spend, driving better results and higher returns with AI-powered insights.
    • Stay Ahead: Position your practice at the forefront of digital marketing innovation, ensuring you’re always one step ahead of the competition.

    Join Taylor for a deep dive into automating and optimising your lead generation, making your marketing efforts more effective than ever.

  • Do you need a Digital Transformation certification?

    16:30 - 17:00 Locations How-To Hub Instructors John ToonRyan Pearcy
    Ryan Pearcy
    Scrutton Bland LLP
    Associate Partner
    John Toon
    Beever and Struthers
    Technology Strategy Lead
    Indi Tatla
    Chief Revenue Officer

    Brought to you by the hosts of the ‘Digi Tools In Accrual World’ podcast and founders of the Digital Disruptors community, join this session to discover everything you need to know about the world of digital transformation for your clients.

  • Knowledge Share Roundtable #1

  • Servicing mid-market organisations with affordable cloud software

    15:30 - 16:00 Locations Knowledge Share Roundtable #1 Instructors Matt Lewns
    Matt Lewns
    Partner Manager
    Luke Quince
    UK Head of Digital Delivery Services

    Accountants and software vendors have fallen over themselves to serve the ‘S’ in the SME market – but medium-sized organisations have been somewhat left behind.

    Many of those mid-market organisations have struggled on with outdated finance systems and laborious manual processes, while their smaller counterparts have been able to embrace the game-changing efficiency of true-cloud accounting systems.

    In this session, Azets and iplicit will discuss how accountancy practices can grow their businesses by finally offering those mid-market clients an affordable route to true-cloud finance software.

    Clients can reap the benefits in time and cost savings, improved efficiency and the accurate, real-time financial information that can transform their performance.

  • Xero, Manufacturing, & Ice Cream

    14:30 - 15:00 Locations Knowledge Share Roundtable #1 Instructors Matt Flanagan
    Matt Flanagan
    Callum Wagstaff
    ERP & Supply Chain Consultant
    Wayne Bastian
    Old Mill

    Learn about Real Dairy Ice Cream Manufacturer Marshfield Farm’s Journey to Operational Excellence with BlueHub.

  • Find, keep, grow: elevating the small business client experience with FreeAgent and Nordens

    16:30 - 17:00 Locations Knowledge Share Roundtable #1 Instructors Ashlee Cooper
    Kirsty Mitchell
    Head of Practice Marketing
    Paula Webb
    Head of Partnerships/Business Development Manager
    Ashlee Cooper
  • M&A – Ask Me Anything

    11:30 - 12:00 Locations Knowledge Share Roundtable #1 Instructors Allan WilsonDuncan Bye
    Duncan Bye
    Duncan Bye
    Wilson Partners Limited
    Allan Wilson
    Wilson Partners
    Managing Director

    In this intimate roundtable, the Directors of Wilson Partners, Allan Wilson & Duncan Bye, will sit down to answer any questions you have about acquisitions. Wilson Partners have recently raised capital from a family office and are now on a journey of acquisitions. This is your opportunity to sit down and ask anything you’d like to know.

  • How PEM use Fathom to deliver high-impact advisory at scale

    12:45 - 13:15 Locations Knowledge Share Roundtable #1 Instructors Andrew TurpinJessica Miller
    Andrew Turpin
    Jessica Miller
    Senior Account Manager

    In this live case study, learn how PEM accounting use reporting tool Fathom to offer advisory services at scale. Andrew will be going into detail around how they use Fathom, and things to consider before using it in your own firm.

  • Knowledge Share Roundtable #2

  • Cloud-Driven Evolution: Seamlessly Transitioning from Taxfiler to IRIS Elements

    14:30 - 15:00 Locations Knowledge Share Roundtable #2 Instructors Ben Withinshaw
    Ben Withinshaw
    Surrey Hills Accountancy
    Steven Cox
    IRIS Software Group
    Business Intelligence Director

    Join our Exclusive Roundtable Session to hear directly from a customer who has successfully made the transition from Taxfiler to IRIS Elements. Listen firsthand as they share their journey, detailing the process and highlighting the tangible benefits experienced with IRIS Elements.

  • How Gravita approaches new apps like iwocaPay and the core functions that all their clients need to have automated

    10:15 - 10:45 Locations Knowledge Share Roundtable #2 Instructors Mat WhiteRussell Frayne
    Russell Frayne
    Director of Transformation
    Mat White
    Accountant Channel Team Captain

    With over 500 fintech and SaaS apps that integrate with cloud accounting systems, which functions should you focus on first? And, when you identify apps that suit the need, how do you get clients connected to them?

    Hear from Russell Frayne, Director of Transformation at Gravita, as he chats to Mat White from iwoca about the core systems he and the team are putting in place as ‘no-brainers’ for Gravita’s 4,000+ clients, and how he approaches things like:

    • Identifying process gaps and the apps that can help the most
    • prioritising clients en-mass and matching them to the right solutions
    • getting buy-in from over 100 managers (or working around them)
  • Software synergies: How DataSnipper and Inflo Fostering Partnership in Modern Auditing Practices

    11:30 - 12:00 Locations Knowledge Share Roundtable #2 Instructors David Goode
    David Goode
    Expert Services Senior Manager
    Edwin Pecznyik
    Audit Transformation Manager
    • Implementing modern technology
    • Software synergies
    • Live Demo of an combined DataSnipper and Inflo workflow
    • Q&A with shared experience
  • How Payhawk helped VEDA accounting to embrace efficiency in a new light

    12:45 - 13:15 Locations Knowledge Share Roundtable #2 Instructors Maggie StanchevaRobbie Hadfield
    Maggie Stancheva
    VEDA Accounting
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Robbie Hadfield
    Director of Solution Engineering
    Hey Fellow Accountants and Bookkeepers,

    Let’s dive into the heart of what truly matters – simplifying our professional lives and boosting the efficiency of our practices. Introducing Maggie Stancheva from VEDA Accounting, and together with Payhawk, we’re hosting an open roundtable to unravel the magic of automation. In this session, we’ll explore strategies for seamless document sharing, explore the potential of innovative tools like Payhawk, and discuss how these can become our go-to solutions.

    If you’re eager to streamline your accounting universe, elevate collaboration with both clients and team members, and perhaps add a touch of calm to your mornings, you won’t want to miss this. No jargon, just straightforward discussions on how we are optimising our practices. Come, share your insights, and let’s collectively usher in an era of effortless bookkeeping.

  • How RORA act as a trusted, value-adding partner to their clients and the important role that pensions plays

    15:30 - 16:00 Locations Knowledge Share Roundtable #2 Instructors Aidan CurranOliver Wimshurst
    Aidan Curran
    Chief of Staff
    Oliver Wimshurst
    FinOps Lead

    RORA are at the forefront of a new model of how to support clients with finance and accounting needs.

    Their FinOps teams provide a wide-range of services and are always looking to use technology and automation to ensure their clients grow.

    In this discussion, you’ll find out more about:

    • RORA’s unique approach to supporting their clients
    • The types of clients they work with and tech providers they partner with
    • The improved outcomes for their clients and for their team
    • How pensions can play a surprisingly influential role in adding value to clients
  • Tax Considerations of Exit Planning – Ask Me Anything

    16:30 - 17:00 Locations Knowledge Share Roundtable #2 Instructors James Butterworth
    James Butterworth
    VIP Commercial Manager and Senior Tax Consultant

    How well do you know your clients? How do they plan to exit their company when the time is right? Will it be a third party sale, a company purchase of own shares, a management buy-out, a sale to an employee ownership trust or a member’s voluntary liquidation?

    In this ask me anything, Senior Tax Consultant, James Butterworth will answer all of your questions regarding earn out situations, IHT considerations, MBO arrangements, and more.

  • Xero Theatre

  • Discover the benefits of an integrated practice platform with Xero

    16:15 - 16:35 Locations Xero Theatre
  • AI, APIs and getting paid faster: Unlock the potential of emerging tech

    15:45 - 16:05 Locations Xero Theatre
  • How to effortlessly run payroll using Xero

    13:45 - 14:05 Locations Xero Theatre
  • Boost your cash flow with Xero’s payment solutions

    13:15 - 13:35 Locations Xero Theatre
  • Discover the benefits of an integrated practice platform with Xero

    12:45 - 13:05 Locations Xero Theatre
  • How to effortlessly run payroll using Xero

    12:15 - 12:35 Locations Xero Theatre
  • AI, APIs and getting paid faster: Unlock the potential of emerging tech

    11:45 - 12:05 Locations Xero Theatre
  • Boost your cash flow with Xero’s payment solutions

    11:15 - 11:35 Locations Xero Theatre
  • How to effortlessly run payroll using Xero

    10:45 - 11:05 Locations Xero Theatre
  • Discover the benefits of an integrated practice platform with Xero

    10:20 - 10:40 Locations Xero Theatre
  • Demo Room

  • Profitability, Productivity & People – time and fees

    10:15 - 10:45 Locations Demo Room Instructors Surya Dinavahi
    Surya Dinavahi
    Customer Success Team Lead
  • Compliance in the Cloud with BrightTax

    11:30 - 12:00 Locations Demo Room Instructors Stephen Foster
    Stephen Foster
  • CCH iFirm AML: Your comprehensive cloud anti-money laundering solution

    13:00 - 13:30 Locations Demo Room Instructors Doug Shubrook
    Doug Shubrook
    Wolters Kluwers
    Pre Sales Software Consultant
  • An Exclusive Look Into What’s New & Coming to Xledger for 2024

    14:30 - 15:00 Locations Demo Room Instructors Laura Jolly
    Laura Jolly
    Principal Solutions Consultant
  • Cloud-Powered Productivity: Experience IRIS Elements Live

    15:30 - 16:00 Locations Demo Room Instructors Mark Elley
    Mark Elley
    Presales Consultant
  • Excel Sorcery – beautiful, real-time, consolidated reports and forecasts in Excel using xpna

    16:30 - 17:00 Locations Demo Room Instructors David Elsey
    David Elsey

    Main Stage

  • The Future of Accounting Tech

    12:30 - 13:00 Locations Main Stage Instructors John ToonLucy CohenRichard Sergeant
    Steven Cox
    IRIS Software Group
    Business Intelligence Director
    Lucy Cohen
    John Toon
    Beever & Struthers
    Technology Strategy Lead
    Richard Sergeant
    Principle Point

    The world of accounting tech is one that is constantly evolving.

    What does the next 3-5 years look like? Where will see innovation and development? Which areas are still rife for disruption? Will the trend of consolidation continue?

    Join us for this insightful panel hosted by IRIS’s Steve Cox and discover what the future of accounting tech might look like.

  • 10 Ways AI Can Help Your Practice TODAY

    10:00 - 10:30 Locations Main Stage Instructors Jason Staats
    Jason Staats
    Realize LLC

    We’re all getting a little weary of AI in the news, and eager to see where the rubber meets the road in day to day applications. Content creator and AI researcher Jason Staats shares his list of the most practical, most immediately helpful AI solutions firms are deploying around the world.

  • The Future of AI in Accounting: Where are we headed?

    11:15 - 11:45 Locations Main Stage Instructors Aaron WittmanLisa Miles-HealNicolai Thomson
    Lisa Miles-Heal
    Aaron Wittman
    Nicolai Thomson
    Jenesys AI
    Chris Downing
    Director Accountants and Bookkeepers
  • The Future of M&A: Why Private Equity Firms Are Doubling Down On Accounting

    13:30 - 14:00 Locations Main Stage Instructors Freddie BellhouseMike ReynoldsPhilip Olagunju
    Freddie Bellhouse
    Caroline Plumb
    Philip Olagunju
    Partner & Head of Corporate Finance
    Mike Reynolds
    Senior Investment Lead

    The landscape of mergers and acquisitions in the accounting sector is witnessing a dynamic shift, with Private Equity firms playing a pivotal role.

    If you’re curious about what this means for the future value of your firm, our upcoming session at the Digital Accountancy Show Powered by Xero is a must-attend.

    • Explore the recent surge in acquisitions and investments in accounting firms of all sizes.
    • Gain insights directly from the investors themselves – representatives from two leading PE firms, Fordhouse and Tenzing
    • Understand the unique opportunities that these M&A activities present for accounting firms in the coming year

    This session offers a rare opportunity to hear directly from the investors driving these changes.

    Learn about their perspectives on M&A activity in the accounting sector and what it spells for your firm’s future.

    Whether you’re contemplating an acquisition, seeking investment, or simply interested in them evolving business landscape, this session will provide you with crucial insights.

  • The Future of Accounting & Finance in a Digital World

    14:15 - 14:45 Locations Main Stage Instructors Alastair Barlow
    Alastair Barlow
    Pete Everett
    Alexandra Bond Burnett
    Ambition Impact
    Founder, Transformation Specialist
    John Toon
    Beever & Struthers
    Technology Strategy Lead

    Fresh off the back of their latest ‘flinder takes the piste’ ski trip with 30+ accounting & finance thought-leaders, Alastair Barlow will be joined on stage with a select panel to discuss the future of accounting & finance in a digital world.

    Expect to learn about:

    • Artificial intelligence: A deeper dive on practical uses, its immediate potential and the future.
    • Delivering insight and value: Is storytelling the future of the profession?
    • Disruption: What’s coming next, who’s leading, and what does it take to stay ahead of the game?
  • The Future of ROI: The CFO’s Role In Innovation

    15:15 - 15:45 Locations Main Stage Instructors Chris ArgentChristopher Ortega
    Chris Argent
    Generation CFO
    Christopher Ortega
    Fresh FP&A
    Fractional CFO

    In this enlightening talk, Chris and panel will delve into the evolving landscape of Return on Investment (ROI) and how it must change and transcend traditional financial metrics, as the business world accelerates towards a more dynamic and innovative future. Understanding and measuring ROI requires a fresh perspective that goes beyond the conventional focus on cash inflows and outflows toward impact on people, the pace of change, and competitive advantage.

  • 5 surprising principles for building a high-performance accountancy team

    16:15 - 16:45 Locations Main Stage Instructors Heather ElkingtonRachel Harris
    Heather Elkington
    In The Making Leadership
    Rachel Harris
    @accountant_she & striveX Limited

    Join Heather and Rachel for a lively talk that busts some old-school management myths that you might be accidentally clinging on to in your firm.

    You’ll learn five surprising things you absolutely need to do to turn your team into fulfilled, engaged high-performers. Expect unconventional wisdom, a few laughs, and ultimately an action packed session where you’ll walk away with clear actions to take home and level up your business.

    This isn’t your typical management talk – buckle up for a casual, enlightening session that might just change the game for you and your team.


    🚀 The 5 most important key principles you need to know to lead your accountancy team to greatness

    🚀 Frameworks and examples with each one for you to take away and action

    🚀 The answers to your biggest leadership struggles in the Q&A

  • Evolution Stage

  • How data and automation drive productivity and growth. Lessons from the field

    10:00 - 10:30 Locations Evolution Stage Instructors Katie HawkingSimon Williams
    Katie Hawking
    Head of Practice Solutions & Sales Enablement
    Simon Williams
    Director Product Management
    Max Whiteley
    Product Domain Expert
    Ellie Dignam
    Chief Digital and Efficiency Officer
    Alex Black
    Ad Valorem
    Head of Innovative Accounts

    Not all technology investments are created equal. Those that remove the friction between clients, data and firm productivity drive outsized, real-world efficiency and growth gains. This panel discussion will share lessons from the field on what matters most and how to make decisions today that will drive firm-wide benefits well into the future.

  • Sage talk all things ESG with the accounting firms taking the lead in this space!

    11:15 - 11:45 Locations Evolution Stage Instructors Fran EllingtonSarah Whale
    Conrad Langridge
    Director Sustainability Communications
    Fran Ellington
    Triple Bottom Line Accounting
    Director: HR, Sustainability and Business Development
    Sarah Whale
    Profit Impact
    Managing Director
    Tessa Hebditch
    Chicp Accounting

    Conrad Langridge, Sage Earth (Sage’s carbon accounting solution), talking to 3 of the UKs most progressive accounting firms and about their ESG. We ask: What is your firm doing to tackle its own impact and How are you helping your clients do the same.

  • The death of the tax return? How Generative AI is transforming tax

    12:30 - 13:00 Locations Evolution Stage Instructors Russell Gammon
    Russell Gammon
    Tax Systems
    Chief Solutions Officer

    Key learnings for participants:

    • With all of the constant talk of “digitisation”, are we seeing a world where tax returns disappear?
    • Where generative AI plays a role in tax, and just as importantly, where it doesn’t
    • What can accounting firms without huge tech budgets do to harness generative AI in their day jobs?
  • The power of AI: Transforming finance systems

    14:15 - 14:45 Locations Evolution Stage Instructors Darren Cran
    Darren Cran
    Chief Operating Officer

    As AI redefines business, finance professionals face a choice: innovate or become obsolete. To thrive in this era of digital disruption, harnessing the power of AI is crucial. This session reveals how finance leaders can embrace AI to transform their business.

    This session covers:

    • Core AI principles and how to tailor an AI strategy for your business
    • AI’s pivotal role in planning, analytics, and decisions
    • Why cloud, innovation, and integration are crucial for high performing teams
  • The Future of Payments: Tech, Regulations, and Open Banking

    15:15 - 15:45 Locations Evolution Stage Instructors Andy WigganEllie DuncanKevin LudfordThomas Djukic
    Ellie Duncan
    Open Banking Expo
    Head of Content
    Andy Wiggan
    Chief Product Officer
    Kevin Ludford
    Thomas Djukic
    Associate Director, EMEA Partnerships

    In this enlightening panel session, experts will delve into the transformative journey of payment technologies in the UK, guided by the advancements in open banking and the evolving regulatory landscape.

    Key Points of Discussion:

    • Evolving Payment Technologies: Explore the latest innovations in payment systems and how they are reshaping the way transactions are conducted.
    • Regulatory Landscape: Understand the impact of new and upcoming regulations on the payments ecosystem and how businesses can navigate these changes.
    • Open Banking Revolution: Delve into the role of open banking in fostering innovation, enhancing consumer protection, and offering more choices to both consumers and merchants.
    • Challenges and Opportunities: Discuss the challenges faced by the industry, such as fraud prevention and interoperability, and the opportunities that lie ahead.
    • Strategic Vision for the Future: Learn about the strategic direction for the UK’s payments infrastructure and the collaborative efforts between regulators and the industry to realise this vision.
  • Your ‘How To’ Roadmap For AML Compliance

    16:15 - 16:45 Locations Evolution Stage Instructors Sophie Maxwell
    Sophie Maxwell
    Community & Events Manager

    AML can be a complicated and overwhelming requirement (that often falls down the priority list!). In this session, Firmcheck’s Sophie Maxwell will share a simple roadmap to AML compliance. Discover the processes you need to stay compliant and avoid the risk of fines from member bodies.

  • Fireside Chat

  • Welcome to the Future of Accounting

    14:15 - 14:45 Locations Fireside Chat
    Ashley Platt
    Clearcut Outsourcing
    Director & Co-Founder
    Kayleigh Graham
    Head of Partnerships & Growth
    Amin Kashy
    Commercial Manager
    Reza Hooda
    The Profitable Accountants Community (PAC)
    Coach & Mentor to accountants

    Reviewing the changing landscape of accountancy. How outsourcing will help firms grow sustainably despite the current recruitment market. What changes are coming with accountancy software over the coming years and how AI will play its part in that. What automation or time saving tasks will help firms and their clients.

  • Forget the tech: Building the firm of you

    10:00 - 10:30 Locations Fireside Chat Instructors Cheryl SharpDarren GlanvilleStephen Paul
    Stephen Paul
    Cheryl Sharp
    Pink Pig Financials
    Founder & CEO
    Darren Glanville
    Country Manager

    Forget the tech. No seriously, forget it. Because your #1 priority should be this…

    Building the firm of YOU!

    In this session, Stephen Paul and guests will discuss how to focus on building a firm aligned to your vision, goals, and purpose.

  • All the Apps in the world, still short on time?

    11:15 - 11:45 Locations Fireside Chat Instructors James Sundin
    James Sundin
    Co-founder & Chief Evangelist
    John Toon
    Beever and Struthers
    Technology Strategy Lead
    Graeme Tennick
    Tennick Accountants
    Chief Impact Officer
    Jo Edwards
    JE Consulting
    Managing Director

    Join us for a session that promises to be as enlightening as it is engaging, and leave with actionable insights to transform your approach to:

    –         Must have Technology to save time in the world of accountancy
    –         Revenue generation & Retention
    –         Marketing Strategies

    What you will take away:

    –         The apps that truly deliver results
    –         How to build a cohesive solution that covers all aspects of your business.
    –         How to win, grow and retain revenue like never before

  • The Evolving CFO: How does Disruption make you better?

    12:30 - 13:00 Locations Fireside Chat Instructors Alex Bond BurnettAmaan JalwaBenyam Hagos
    Alexandra Bond Burnett
    Ambition: Impact
    Amaan Jalwa
    Founder & CEO
    Benyam Hagos
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Step Beyond: Mastering the Art of 25%+ Organic Growth YoY in Accountancy and Advisory.

    15:15 - 15:45 Locations Fireside Chat Instructors Ashlee CooperDaniel CooperEllice WhyteMitch Hahn
    Mitch Hahn
    Ashlee Cooper
    Ellice Whyte
    Business Psychologist/Director or Mindset
    Daniel Cooper
    Managing Partner

    The focus of our discussion will revolve around the importance of accountants listening to other accountants who have hands-on experience in achieving exponential growth, rather than solely relying on advice from firms with limited growth rates, business growth specialists, consultants, or, big 4 firms who have no small practice experience.

    We will delve into the key factors that contribute to successful organic growth strategies, such as effective business development, marketing, leadership structures, systems and processes, and the essential mindset required for fast, yet sustainable growth.

    The panel will discuss:
    – How can accountants navigate the challenges of growth and development, especially when advice from traditional firms may not align with the goal of achieving exponential growth?
    – What role does effective business development play in driving growth in the accountancy field, and how can accountants enhance their business development strategies?
    – How can accountants’ market themselves effectively while ensuring they have the confidence, conviction, and strategic processes to deliver on their promises, particularly in the realm of advisory services?
    – What are the key obstacles faced in streamlining business operations, and how can automation and efficient practices enable scalable growth without a substantial increase in workforce?
    – How can mindset and a focus on mental and physical well-being contribute to achieving growth and effective leadership in the accountancy industry?
    – What strategies can be employed to cater effectively to the diverse needs of clients and maintain a positive culture within an accountancy firm?
    – How can organisations ensure they have the right people in the right positions and foster effective communication with staff to drive growth and development?
    – Why are advisory services important in the accountancy industry, and how can accountants embrace this shift to drive growth and innovation?
    – What are the challenges and opportunities in developing a well-defined marketing strategy to convert brand awareness into tangible leads in the accountancy sector?
    – What are the pros and cons of bringing marketing in-house, and when do you know it’s the right time?
    – Why shouldn’t firms rely on ‘client referrals’ as their main source of lead generation?
    – How out of the box, template marketing content is having a negative impact on the businesses brand trust, awareness, perception, and lead generation.
    – How can accountants reimagine the industry and integrate principles from sports physiology to drive growth and unlock their true potential?

    Join us for an enlightening panel discussion that will empower accountants to drive growth, overcome challenges, and unlock the true potential of their practices.

  • Plugging the gaps: The highs & lows of building your own accounting-tech in-house

    16:15 - 16:45 Locations Fireside Chat Instructors Jonathan GauntLucy CohenNicola HagemanRobert Davidson
    Lucy Cohen
    Robert Davidson
    Tax Torch
    Nicola Hageman
    FreshPay Ltd
    Director and Co-Founder
    Jonathan Gaunt
    FD Works

    Have you ever wondered about building your own tech solutions in-house? Well these firms did it. Join us in this session as 4 practice owners shared how they turned practice pains into accounting-tech products that many of you use today. They’ll be sharing the highs and lows of building your own tech in-house.

  • Tech Academy

  • Accounting for Inventory: Stock management & inventory tools for clients

    10:00 - 10:30 Locations Tech Academy Instructors Matt FlanaganPhilip Oakley
    Matt Flanagan
    Philip Oakley
    Hilary Dyson
    Bridge Financials and Advisory Limited
    Founder & Director
  • Why the value of AI in accounting is much more than ChatGPT

    11:15 - 11:45 Locations Tech Academy Instructors Cameron FordKen Bastiaensen
    Cameron Ford
    GM UK & Growth Markets
    Ken Bastiaensen
    Director of Special Projects & Innovation
    • Why it all begins with machine learning and a solid data foundation
    • What are the accounting issues AI can tackle
    • Where generative AI delivers the most value
  • The Top 5 Bots to Eliminate 2 Days of Work Every Month from your Practice!

    12:30 - 13:00 Locations Tech Academy Instructors Daniel LawrencePhil Daniels
    Daniel Lawrence
    Bots For That
    Phil Daniels
    Bots For That
    Head of the Beanie-verse

    Most accountants know something about bots, automation and AI, but knowing isn’t doing, and to do, you need to know why, what and how. In this talk we share how to identify what to automate, and show you 5 bookkeeping and accounting bots that could save your practice days of manual work effort every month.

    Leaving you free to spend more time with the family, increase the amount of advisory and other value-adding services to your clients, or simply increase the number of clients, revenue and profit your practice can make…or all of the above.


    • Learn how to start with YOUR WHY for bots
    • Learn where to look and how to find work that’s suitable for bots
    • Learn how to decide whether a task is feasible for bots and the business case
    • Hear about the best systems for bots
    • See 5 bots that could save days of manual work every month
  • Accounting for eCommerce: Apps & tools for managing ecomm clients

    14:15 - 14:45 Locations Tech Academy Instructors Bepi JonesJoseph Cox
    Bepi Jones
    Joseph Cox
    Ecommerce Accountants
    Managing Partner
    Geoffrey Gualano
    A2X Accounting
    Head of Marketing
    Lauren Harvey
    Full Stop
    Managing Director

    If you work with clients in the e-commerce sector then don’t miss this:

    Expect to learn:

    > Which apps the panel recommend to use when serving e-commerce clients and how to implement them successfully
    > How to price & engage e-commerce clients to avoid scope creep and make a profit
    > Pitfalls & challenges to be aware of to ensure your e-commerce client offering succeeds.

  • Efficiency Evolution – Reclaim Time and Amplify Results

    15:15 - 15:45 Locations Tech Academy Instructors Billie Mcloughlin
    Billie Mcloughlin
    2020 Innovation
    Practice Consultant / Chair person of Tech Talk

    Together we will go through refining your practice to require less hours whilst achieving more by taking advantage of a future where efficiency, work-life balance, and job satisfaction go hand in hand.

    This session promises a forward-looking perspective, with key takeaways:

    Mastering Efficiency: Learn how to harness tech tools to streamline processes, reduce input time, and boost output.

    Work-Life Harmony: Gain insights into how technology can facilitate a better work-life balance whilst increasing productivity.

    Job Satisfaction: Explore how the right application of technology enhances job satisfaction, creating a more rewarding and fulfilling work environment for all.

  • Advisory Live

  • You don’t know your clients as well as you could

    10:00 - 10:30 Locations Advisory Live Instructors Johnny Ridd
    Johnny Ridd
    Paul Barnes
    MAP Accounting
    Managing Director
    John Gaskell
    Head of Personal Financial Planning

    What if you could see a personal balance sheet for each of your clients? What if you had a live view of when they were planning on selling their business, how much for and when they wanted to retire? What if you knew which clients were at risk of dying intestate? Had an upcoming IHT liability? Those that have mortgage terms coming up for renewal?


    👉 Orchestrate the joined up, proactive advice your clients want and deserve

    👉  Capture the benefits of doing this for your practice as a business

    👉  Use technology to make this scalable and integrate into your ongoing processes – without adding to your workload

  • How to scale supplier & payroll payments as a service for your clients

    11:15 - 11:45 Locations Advisory Live Instructors Bogdan UzbekovRichard Sykes
    Bogdan Uzbekov
    Richard Sykes
    Cloud CFO
    Emma James
    The Number Ninja

    Want to help take another time-consuming task off your clients’ plates?

    Enter supplier & payroll payments.

    In this session, discover how to scale supplier & payroll payments as a service. You’ll learn:

    • How they do it i.e. pitch, pricing, tech
    • How payments services help with bookkeeping
    • How they use Apron to streamline their supplier payments offering
  • Launching digital transformation as a service line

    12:30 - 13:00 Locations Advisory Live Instructors Bethanie Hawkins
    Bethanie Hawkins
    Menzies LLP
    Digital Transformation Consultant

    Cloud accounting & technology hasn’t only created efficiency opportunities for accounting firms, it’s also created new service line opportunities. In this session, Digital Transformation Consultant, Bethanie Hawkins, shares Menzies’ top tips on how to successfully launch digital transformation services to clients to create new revenue streams. You’ll learn how to define your service, how to pitch and price the offering, and the policies you need to set to ensure success.

  • How to price & sell tax consultancy work

    14:15 - 14:45 Locations Advisory Live Instructors James Butterworth
    James Butterworth
    VIP Commercial Manager and Senior Tax Consultant

    Do you feel confident promoting tax consultancy work? Do you know how to price assignments and sell value? Senior Tax Consultant, James Butterworth, will explain the tips and methods he has adapted over 30 years and how consultative selling can transform your tax practice.

    You’ll learn:

    • Understanding what clients want to achieve
    • Building the scope of your work to meet clients’ objectives
    • Consultative selling techniques
    • Selling the features and benefits of tax consultancy work
    • Moving on to the issue of price
    • Handling objections
  • How to drive client satisfaction & loyalty with funding advisory

    15:15 - 15:45 Locations Advisory Live Instructors Alasdair McGillLisa CalvertSam Tasker-GrindleySherelyn Cowles
    Sam Tasker-Grindley
    Swoop Funding
    Head of Swoop for Advisors
    Sherelyn Cowles
    Gooding Accounts
    Lisa Calvert
    Ford Campbell Freedman
    Managing Partner
    Alasdair McGill
    Ashton McGill
  • Cash flow forecasting: the advisory services every bookkeeper should be delivering

    16:15 - 16:45 Locations Advisory Live Instructors Hayley BaxterJo WoodKate Powell
    Jo Wood
    The 6 Figure Bookkeeper Ltd
    Hayley Baxter
    J P Baxter and Company Ltd
    Kate Powell
    Kingston Bookkeeping
  • How To Hub

  • Navigating Making Tax Digital: Insights, Preparations, and Opportunities

    10:00 - 10:30 Locations How-To Hub Instructors Kelly Coombes
    Kelly Coombes
    Thomson Reuters
    Senior Product Manager

    Join us for an insightful session on navigating the landscape of Making Tax Digital (MTD). Our presentation will delve into the latest updates on MTD regulations and timelines, addressing concerns and uncertainties that tax professionals may encounter. We’ll explore the MTD Pilot program, including its launch timeline, sign-up procedures, and the advantages and disadvantages of participation.

    Additionally, we’ll discuss practical steps that firms can take to prepare for MTD implementation. This includes evaluating available technology solutions. We’ll also examine client profiles and business needs, identifying the additional skills or resources required to ensure a smooth transition to MTD compliance. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and actionable strategies for navigating the MTD landscape effectively.

  • How to start a digital accounting firm in 2024

    11:15 - 11:45 Locations How-To Hub Instructors Jenny Bowden
    Jenny Bowden
    Aivilo Digital Accountancy Ltd

    Just started out or thinking of branching out on your own in 2024? In this session, Jenny Bowden shares her experience of starting a digital accounting firm, walking through a checklist of things to consider, including the skills you need to be your own boss, marketing yourself, identifying your ideal clients, and trialling software to find your ideal tech stack to deliver an exceptional and efficient service to set you apart from other firms that aren’t leveraging technology.

  • How to embrace DEI in accounting (and why it matters)

    13:30 - 14:00 Locations How-To Hub Instructors John SadlerKayleigh GrahamSobi Hariharan
    Kayleigh Graham
    Head of Partnerships & Growth
    John Sadler
    Sadler Advisory
    Sobi Hariharan
    Head of Strategic Partnerships
  • How to hire an internal developer to get your software talking

    14:15 - 14:45 Locations How-To Hub Instructors Emma James
    Emma James
    The Number Ninja

    We’re a team of 3: an accountant, a bookkeeper, and a developer. Right from the beginning, we’ve developed small pieces of bespoke software to either get software talking to each other or to speed up some tasks (onboarding being the biggest), and we’re now in the process of developing a much larger piece of software that will play a big role in our bookkeeping process. In this session, I’ll share how to approach hiring an internal developer, and how to work with them to improve your efficiency.

  • How to find and define the best apps for your firm (a proven checklist)

    15:15 - 15:45 Locations How-To Hub Instructors Dayle Rodriguez
    Dayle Rodriguez
    Kreston Reeves
    System Advisory Manager

    Let’s choose the best apps! But wait, how do you decide what is best? Is there an industry standard, should it be client lead or lead by you? How much time does it take to determine what is right?

    There are a variety of factors that can be included in choosing the “best” software. This session will help you drill down into what is “best” and how to determine what is best for you/your clients in a quick and efficient way.

    You’ll learn:

    • A proven method on how to define “best”.
    • How to manage testing.
    • How to effectively charge apps to clients.
  • Creating a comprehensive AI strategy in your firm for 2024

    12:30 - 13:00 Locations How-To Hub Instructors Rich Webb
    Rich Webb

    There’s a lot of hype surrounding AI in accounting right now. But what do accounting firms need to do? In this session, organiation strategy and AI expert Rich Webb explores why every accounting firm needs an AI strategy today and shares an actionable checklist that accounting firms of all sizes can follow to create and implement an AI strategy in 2024. Expect to learn simple ideas and concepts you can implement to drive efficiency and embrace AI this year.

  • Knowledge Share Roundtable #1

  • Accountants vs Bookkeepers. Making the relationship work for the clients

    12:30 - 13:00 Locations Knowledge Share Roundtable #1 Instructors Ami Copeland
    Ami Copeland
    Dayle Rodriquez
    Kreston Reeves
    Systems Advisory Manager
    Edward Franklin
    Tech Franklin
    Kate Powell
    Kingston Bookkeeping
    Alex Beattie
    KRW Accountants
    Stuart Miller
    Director, Product Compliance & Industry Engagement

    Accountants and bookkeepers need each other – and businesses need this relationship to work. But for many, it’s far from a perfect romance. As MTD looms, and digitisation beckons for all businesses, what can accountants and bookkeepers do to create a partnership that means everyone wins?

    In this round table, ICB CEO Ami Copeland will be joined by panel of influential accountants and bookkeepers for a lively discussion on ways of working together. Opinions from the audience are welcome. (As long as no one says “just a bookkeeper”)

    Chair: Ami Copeland

    Discussion questions:

    The state we’re in. How to Accountants and bookkeepers work together now. What does good look like?

    There’s no such thing as a typical accountant /bookkeeper. How does the panel manage the cross over point between accountancy and bookkeeping services? Is there a one size fits all solution?

    What does it mean for businesses? How is the client impacted when this isn’t a smooth relationship. Is there something we could provide as a profession in terms of guiding businesses how to work with both accountants and bookkeepers?

    In house/outhouse/dog house What’s the best way to manage the relationship. In house bookkeepers at accountancy practices? A local network or referral scheme between accountants and bookkeepers? What are the pitfalls to avoid if outsourcing bookkeeping?

  • A Financial Controllers NetSuite Story: How Heimdal Security embraced a finance-first approach to drive successful digital transformation.

    10:00 - 10:30 Locations Knowledge Share Roundtable #1 Instructors Charlotte Birch
    Charlotte Birch
    Client Services Lead
    Omar Abdelmawla
    Group Financial Controller

    Join Omar Abdelmawla, Group Financial Controller at Heimdal Security and Charlotte Birch, Client Services Lead at MacroFin, for this live case study and Q&A, where you can hear and discuss directly with an active user on how they implemented game-changing processes, improved reporting capabilities and created a platform capable of driving their predicted growth.

    Analysing the full story from both the end-user and partner perspective, you’ll get unique insights into:

    • The factors which led Heimdal Security opting to upgrade its technology.
    • Its criteria and process for system selection (NetSuite)
    • The steps taken to ensure a successful implementation and system adoption.
    • Post go-live impact and future projects.

    What’s more, in a small-group roundtable setting, you’ll get the chance to discuss your current requirements or plans with finance, technical and project specialists as well as a number of like-minded peers who may also be considering or planning a system upgrade in the near future.

  • Making AML compliance easy and improving the client experience with Thirdfort

    14:15 - 14:45 Locations Knowledge Share Roundtable #1 Instructors Neil Mullane
    Neil Mullane
    Chief Revenue Officer

    Join us to demystify AML compliance, streamline client onboarding, and adopt industry best practices for accountants.

    • AML Basics: Learn essential AML concepts and compliance for accountants.
    • Client Onboarding: Improve client onboarding within AML frameworks.
    • Best Practices: Adopt efficient AML strategies and risk management.
  • How DSK implemented FYI to increase client-facing billable work AND staff happiness

    11:15 - 11:45 Locations Knowledge Share Roundtable #1 Instructors Ian CooperSheetal Shah
    Sheetal Shah
    Ian Cooper
    FYI Software (UK) Ltd
    Head of UK Operations

    When DSK ran a staff advocacy service for their existing systems, they realised they weren’t giving their team the tools to succeed.

    Since then, DSK have implemented new systems to remove repetitive, predictable and low-value work through hyper-automation. This included building a team of specialists, including an information officer and digitisation expert.

    How to know if you have the right tools for the job

    How to audit and refine your processes

    What does automation of business processes really mean

  • How to Use Bots in your Practice: How, What, Who, Where, Why?!

    15:15 - 15:45 Locations Knowledge Share Roundtable #1 Instructors Neil Jackson
    Neil Jackson
    Your Finance Partner

    Hear first hand from a practice owner why and how he got started with bots in his practice, the tasks they started with, the first bots used and deployed and the challenges they faced initially, but ultimately, how they won in the end and haven’t looked back since. This is a candid, honest but uplifting account of how one practice pursued their goal to become a more productive and efficient practice, with happier staff and clients.


    • Learn why, how and where to get started with bots in your practice.
    • Hear the pitfalls and obstacles you may encounter and how to overcome or avoid them.
    • Ask questions and try out a bot yourself to see how this practically works.
  • Knowledge Share Roundtable #2

  • All-in-one AP: When payments & bookkeeping move in together (finally)

    12:30 - 13:00 Locations Knowledge Share Roundtable #2 Instructors Bogdan Uzbekov
    Bogdan Uzbekov
    Charlie Carne
    Charlie Carne & Co

    Bookkeeping and payments have always been disjointed processes…until now.


    Join Bogdan Uzbekov and Charlie Carne as they discuss the future of ‘all in one AP’ and what bookkeeping + payments together means for accountants & bookkeepers.

  • The path from accountant to CFO

    10:00 - 10:30 Locations Knowledge Share Roundtable #2 Instructors Christopher Ortega
    Chris Ortega
    Fresh FP&A
    Fractional CFO

    What does the route from accountant to CFO look like?

    In this roundtable, Chris Ortega will share his story of transitioning from a CPA to an industry-leading CFO, sharing the skills & mindset shifts you need along the way.

  • How to take a data-led approach to your employer brand and value proposition when attracting and retaining your talent

    11:15 - 11:45 Locations Knowledge Share Roundtable #2 Instructors George Pollard
    George Pollard

    In this session, former Talent Acquisition Lead of RSM, and Founder of Hansel, George Pollard, shares how accounting firms can take a data-led approach to attracting and retaining top talent.

  • Ask Me Anything: Hiring a CMO for your accounting firm

    14:15 - 14:45 Locations Knowledge Share Roundtable #2 Instructors Ashlee Cooper
    Ashlee Cooper

    Do you have in-house marketing leadership for your accounting firm? In this session, CMO of leading accounting firm Nordens, Ashlee Cooper, shares her experience of being a CMO in accounting and answers your questions about growth and more.

  • Xero Theatre

  • Boost your cash flow with Xero’s payment solutions

    14:15 - 14:35 Locations Xero Theatre
  • Boost your cash flow with Xero’s payment solutions

    12:15 - 12:35 Locations Xero Theatre
  • Boost your cash flow with Xero’s payment solutions

    11:15 - 11:35 Locations Xero Theatre
  • AI, APIs and getting paid faster: Unlock the potential of emerging tech

    14:45 - 15:05 Locations Xero Theatre
  • AI, APIs and getting paid faster: Unlock the potential of emerging tech

    12:45 - 13:05 Locations Xero Theatre
  • AI, APIs and getting paid faster: Unlock the potential of emerging tech

    10:45 - 11:05 Locations Xero Theatre
  • How to effortlessly run payroll using Xero

    15:45 - 16:05 Locations Xero Theatre
  • How to effortlessly run payroll using Xero

    13:45 - 14:05 Locations Xero Theatre
  • How to effortlessly run payroll using Xero

    10:15 - 10:35 Locations Xero Theatre
  • Discover the benefits of an integrated practice platform with Xero

    15:15 - 15:35 Locations Xero Theatre
  • Discover the benefits of an integrated practice platform with Xero

    13:15 - 13:35 Locations Xero Theatre
  • Discover the benefits of an integrated practice platform with Xero

    11:45 - 12:05 Locations Xero Theatre
  • Discover the benefits of an integrated practice platform with Xero

    09:45 - 10:05 Locations Xero Theatre
  • Demo Room

  • London Calling, Delhi Answering – What I Learned Building My Global Accounting Team

    10:30 - 11:00 Locations Demo Room Instructors Arun Mehra
    Arun Mehra
    Founder CEO
  • Using AI to reconcile invoices in under 30 secs

    12:00 - 12:30 Locations Demo Room Instructors Nicolai Thomson
    Nicolai Thomson
    Co-Founder & CEO
  • Like a hawk: from expense chaos to total oversight

    13:30 - 14:00 Locations Demo Room Instructors Robbie Hadfield
    Robbie Hadfield
    Director of Solution Engineering
  • Modernising 3rd Party Audit Evidence Collection

    15:00 - 15:30 Locations Demo Room Instructors Alex Aubrey
    Alex Aubrey
    VP Commercial