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Digital Accountancy Show 2024

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Topics that matter
80 electrics sessions covering the topics that make a different to your career and future
AI in accounting

‣ Why AI Agents will be your next hire
‣ AI & Chat-GPT 12 months on: Hype or helpful?
‣ The Dark side of AI in Accounting

Future of Accounting Tech

‣ What does the future of accounting-tech look like?
‣ Is market consolidation a threat or an opportunity?
‣ How accounting firms are building their own tech solutions internally


‣ Automation: Is it worth it?
‣ How to leverage RPA to streamline workflows
‣ How automated bots can take manual tasks off your to-do list

Finance team transformation

‣ Success stories of digital transformation in finance teams
‣ Key tech and tools for finance teams in 2024
‣ From FD to CFO: Leveraging tech to progress your career

Industry App-Stacks

‣ Best-in-class tech stacks for common industry verticals including Ecommerce, Property, Hospitality, Cryptocurrency, and more


‣ Best practices in marketing, sales, and pricing from fast-growth firms
‣ Growing & scaling teams in digital accounting firms
‣ M&A Overview: Increasing your firms value and acquiring other firms

Digital Leadership

‣ Firm of the future: The 2024 accounting firm model
‣ Leveraging performance management to take your team to the next level
‣ Future skills: Training the next generation of digital accountants

Digital Transformation

‣ Stories of digital transformation from firms of all sizes
‣ Getting team and client buy-in for new tech
‣ Digital first firms: What next? 1% improvements to keep transforming

Advisory Tech

‣ How to deliver a truly outsourced full finance function
‣ Behind the numbers: Leveraging tech to deliver real-time client insights
‣ Scaling advisory: Enabling your team to deliver advisory services


‣ How to become a sustainable B-Corp firm
‣ How to help your clients manage their carbon footprint
‣ ESG tools to support you and your clients

Future of Digital Tech

‣ Horizontal app-stacks: Non-accounting tech to streamline your workflows
‣ Future of tech: Web4, nanotech, and advanced robotics
‣ Turning tech-curiosity into client advice: Helping your clients upskill on the latest tech trends

Internal Efficiency

‣ Proven insights for driving greater efficiency and profitability
‣ Getting more from what you have: Making your existing app-stack work harder
‣ The integrated firm

Practice Management

‣ Workflow mapping: Creating systemised and scalable workflows
‣ How to leverage AI co-pilots to manage client comms
‣ Best practices for managing work in a digital firm

APIs and Low Code

‣ Low-code tools all firms can explore
‣ How to leverage APIs to find solutions to your tech pains
‣ Should accounting firms hire internal developers?


‣ Wallets or open banking: Where do you start?
‣ The latest tech to help your clients get paid faster
‣ The future of FX: Managing international payments for your clients at scale

Confirmed speakers
A curated line-up of thought-leaders, subject-matter experts, and industry professionals that come together to share their secrets.
Jason Staats CPA
Dawn Marriott
HG Capital
Daniella Wainwright
Founder and Portfolio FD
Wainwright Consulting
Mo Yang
Fuel Labs Inc
Umar Mallam Hassam
Co-Founder & Community Lead
Web3CFO Club
Harpal Singh
Algorand Foundation
Jean-Baptiste Chenut
Request Finance
Fran Ellington
Director: HR, Sustainability and Business Development
Triple Bottom Line Accounting Ltd
Wesley Rashid
CEO & Co-founder
Accountancy Cloud
Martin Brennan
Founder / CEO
Onside Accounting Limited
Michael Mills
Finance Director - Strategy & Sustainability
Jaguar Land Rover
Alastair Barlow
Joseph Heaton
Heaton Vences
Emilio Vences
Heaton Vences
Carly Shaw
Clarative Accounting
James Lizars
Founder and CEO
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