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Xledger Product Overview

Xledger is a cloud-based finance software designed to service clients who have outgrown their first accounts package.

As your clients grow, they have more complex needs such as consolidating across entities, managing high transactional volumes, and providing complex and multi-currency reporting. Although great at what they do, small-sized accounting packages like Xero, QuickBooks and Sage cannot provide the level of visibility and control larger clients require.

With powerful functionalities across automation, insight, and scalability, Xledger’s cutting-edge technology empowers business process outsourcers to serve more complex clients through tailored, flexible accounting software.

Our unified, intuitive system allows your clients to leverage the benefits of outsourcing accounting functions while maintaining complete visibility over their financial health. By enabling your firm to attract and retain larger clients, Xledger empowers you to grow your business without the associated overheads.

Xledger has more than 10,000 customers in 60 countries, a global network of partners including PwC, BDO and KPMG, along with endorsements from IDC and Gartner. Our consultants and support team are qualified accountants, so our expertise is second-to-none; we speak your language and understand the real-world challenges faced.

Xledger offers a path for ambitious firms to grow without limits.


Xledger automation saves time and improves efficiency, producing happy clients and a streamlined back office.

Our software automates time-consuming and repetitive tasks, from bank reconciliation to consolidation, so your team can focus on value-added activities that boost client satisfaction. More than ever, clients want accountants to understand their business and walk them through difficult strategic and financial decisions.

Automation also benefits your clients. From automated approval workflows to integrated supplier payments, manual approval tasks and email trails are a thing of the past. As automation takes on the heavy loading, clients only need to be involved in the financial processes when unavoidable.

Xledger’s fully integrated timesheet, expense and invoice modules facilitate faster, accurate and transparent invoicing for your team. Combined with our automated recurring billing and debt chasing modules, increase cash flow and ensure that you’re always paid fairly for the work carried out.

With Xledger you increase your bottom line, not your back office.



By providing clients with real-time information, Xledger partners retain larger, more lucrative clients, so you can scale your business and achieve higher profit margins.

When clients grow, their demand for accurate financial information and insight increases. When month-end reports presented in spreadsheets can no longer facilitate the insight growing businesses require, they often decide to insource. But accountancy practices shouldn’t have to lose clients as they grow; the solution is to adopt a finance platform built for the mid-market.

With our multidimensional reporting and live consolidation tools, you can provide your clients with a 360-degree overview of the numbers at the press of the button. User-friendly self-service dashboards equip budget-holders with real-time insights down to a transactional level, plus payments can be authorised directly from the system as clients have visibility over the information needed to make the approval. Furthermore, full audit trails over approvals provide visibility and assurance over approval histories.

Xledger empowers your clients to maintain visibility and control while continuing to harness the advantages of outsourcing. We are transforming the concept of outsourced accountancy by enabling practices to keep clients when they grow.



Provide superior services while facilitating growth with our truly scalable software.

Xledger’s unique hierarchical entity structure enables accountancy firms to leverage economies of scale. New clients can inherit existing configuration and records such as a supplier or a cost centre from the group, improving efficiency by creating synergy and removing duplication of effort.

Furthermore, common configuration means accountants can serve twice the number of customers with the same overheads. And as onboarding is more efficient, you can be sure to have happy customers.

Xledger scales with you and your clients, rising and falling, in response to your business needs. Clients have the flexibility to use Xledger as often or as little as they want, notably during the growth period.

Available in a suite of languages and multi-currency compatible, Xledger equips you with the tools to take on more complex clients with the same workforce.

Empower ambition and growth at your firm.



Xledger is a true cloud system, meaning your team can log on from any device with an internet connection. During the coronavirus pandemic, our partners have continued to operate efficiently because of the easy, secure, and remote access, allowing them to provide the same service to clients without interruption.

We empower you to manage your business without an IT department; Xledger handles it all. Receive the latest upgrades automatically, so you’re always running on the latest technology. And be assured your data is safe with our ISO 27001 security accreditation, an internationally recognised standard regarding security within an organisation.

With Xledger, you pay less for greater functionality.

Who do Xledger help?

Our platform is ideal for servicing clients in all sectors, from professional services to not-for-profit, and multi-entity and complex corporate structures can be managed with ease.

We are a world-leading cloud-based finance software vendor and are hailed as a major player in IDC’s MarketScape Report for the mid-market, and Gartner names us as a global competitor in its Market Guide.

Plus, we pride ourselves on our culture. Founded by Norwegian tech entrepreneur Jarle Sky in 1996, Xledger has a people-focused Scandinavian workplace culture. We take the time to win the trust of every client, building long term, personal relationships. We have no shareholders to please and will not sacrifice first-class support for growth. For accountancy practices searching for the right finance platform, Xledger is tailor-made to be the ideal solution.

Successful firms need the right tools for the job. Upgrade to Xledger and position yourself for the next decade of growth.


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