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How to Attract and Retain High-Quality Team Members

James Howell, Managing Director of the Tax Recruitment Company, sits down with Rachel Martin, founder of Accountant She, and Andrew Van De Beek, the founder of Illumin8, to discuss how they have found success when it comes to attracting and retaining high-quality team members.

Panellists include:

  • James Howell, Managing Director of the Tax Recruitment Company
  • Rachel Martin, founder of Accountant She
  • Andrew Van De Beek, founder of Illumin8

Tune in to discover how these innovative business owners utilise unique and insightful ways to attract and retain high-quality team members.

Three Top Takeaways:

Takeaway 1: You shouldn’t stick to traditional interview techniques

When it comes to conducting an interview, you would not be alone if you thought there was one way to go about the process. But to gather true insights about the candidates, you need to be willing to think outside the box.

Rather than sticking to traditional settings, such as in the company office, why not try making the first interview much less formal? In a relaxed setting, people will feel more comfortable being themselves and responding to questions in a natural manner. On top of that, if you struggle to interact with someone in a social setting, you can be sure that you will struggle to interact with them at work as well.

As Andrew states, “The first stage of our interview process is at the pub. I have a strong belief that if I can’t have a conversation with someone at the pub, I can’t work with them because I can’t connect with them.”

It is also important to try and get a senior member of staff to participate in the first interview for several reasons.

For starters, in an extremely client-driven market, it is important to show clients that you are passionate about them joining your company. You want them to walk away from the first interview impressed and flattered and desperate to get a second interview.

Next, be sure to ask questions that make your applicants think outside the box. From your interview, you want to understand whether or not they are the right personality fit for your business.

Rachel takes a unique approach to gathering this information. “We actually play board games in our interviews. I have this theory that when people are playing games and being competitive, their true personality comes out. It is the same theory as the pub. If I don’t enjoy playing board games with someone, I probably don’t want to sit and spend eight hours a day in an office with them.”

Takeaway 2: There are many more benefits to training a recruit than searching for the perfect candidate on paper

Finding the perfect candidate on paper is almost impossible. And even if you do, who’s to say that they aren’t going to be bored and unmotivated by the role and leave the very next year?

Often in the hiring process, you will come up against a decision. Spend more than you budgeted and hire someone that is overqualified for the role, or spend less and hire someone with less experience but the right attitude to be successful. If this instance occurs, you should choose option two. 

Focus on developing an environment that promotes teaching, growth and opportunities. If you can show candidates that you have a track record of taking on recruits and training them up, exposing them to opportunities they wouldn’t get elsewhere at the same level, you will quickly stand out from the crowd.

Takeaway 3: The right company culture is essential for attracting the best team members

Finally, creating the right culture in your business is essential for attracting the best team members. Market-leading brands know this, and that is why most of their new applicants at Accountant She come from referrals rather than expensive job advertisements.

Rachel views culture as one of if not the most important factor in recruitment. “If you treat your staff the same way that you treat your clients or prospective clients, then recruitment does get easier.”

Treat your staff and future staff with the same priority as your clients. We are living in an extremely candidate-driven market, so be sure to act quickly! 

Remember, a job posting is an opportunity to promote your brand and help show you are a business where people want to work.

To do this, talk to staff about what they like about working for your business, and be sure to mention it in your job description.

On top of that, rather than just promoting a standard offer package, consider promoting a unique remuneration package. 

Potential applicants are prioritising more than just financial gain in recent times, including aspects such as hybrid working, healthcare, gym memberships, and flexible hours.

If you are not already offering these aspects to your current employees, look at ways you can. You will be amazed at how many more stay for longer and increase their productivity as a result.

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