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Looking to increase leads and maximise your ROI? SEO is the answer

At Targeted SEO, we see compelling evidence of how SEO transforms businesses. Take five and read on to find out why our accountancy clients have found SEO to be a complete game changer.  

SEO has come a long way in the last decade, thanks to the evolution of search engines. The days of keyword stuffing and spammy tactics are thankfully in the past, and today’s organic SEO prioritises high-quality content and user experience that genuinely makes the online world a better place.

Organic SEO – the practice of optimising your website to rank naturally in search results, as opposed to pay-per-click advertising. 

That said, we still experience a lot of resistance from business owners who fail to see organic SEO’s potential. It is a long game that requires patience to see returns. That’s perhaps why we’ve had so much success working with accountants and other financial professionals – they know the value of a good investment and realise results can’t always be achieved overnight!

Targeted SEO has come to be an authority on SEO for accountants, and we’re keen to share our insights with you here.

SEO is an evidence-based investment

As SEO professionals, it’s a pleasure to work with numbers people who appreciate empirical evidence. Organic search results drive over half of all online activity, and over 93% of web traffic comes from page one search results. Stats like that are hard to ignore.

Businesses that achieve the most success with SEO appreciate the importance of getting on page one for related searches and that it is worth the wait and investment.

So how is it done?

There’s no smoke and mirrors when it comes to SEO, it’s a series of methodical tasks that compound over time to increase website traffic. It boils down to a combination of research, analysis, technical expertise, high-quality web design and intelligent content creation. Add to that our industry experience, and it’s the perfect recipe for success.

We find that no two SEO campaigns are the same, and nor should they be. It’s important to be agile in this game, and we have a number of techniques at our disposal. 

On-page SEO refers to the optimisation of various elements of a website, including meta and structured data, HTML markup, internal and external linking, URL structure and more, this helps Google to ‘crawl’ and index the pages in search results.

Off-page SEO involves optimising external factors, such as citations and backlinks, to increase domain authority, visibility, and credibility of a website in search engine result pages.

The goal of local SEO is to optimise a site to attract customers in a geographic region(s) and improve visibility in local search results. Given that 97% of web users research local businesses online, this is an absolute must for accountancy firms to reach their local audience and target those further afield.

At the heart of all good SEO campaigns is content strategy. Google prioritises high-quality, useful content in line with its aim of delivering the best possible search results to its users. Therefore, at Targeted SEO, we produce great content in abundance.

Not only does good content (think well-structured service pages and blog posts) drive organic search visibility, it engages the reader and builds brand recognition. We’re seeing more and more evidence of AI-generated content that doesn’t do either job successfully. What’s more, Google recognises it, too. While there’s certainly a place for AI in content creation, our clients benefit from a professional content service that results in greater brand authority and online visibility.

These are just some of the tools and techniques at our disposal. For a rundown of all our services, please take a look at our website or get in touch.

How do I know SEO is working?

At Targeted, we are completely transparent about how we achieve results and welcome the chance to bore our clients with an endless parade of graphs and numbers!

There are various KPIs, such as organic traffic (i.e. website visits), keyword rankings, backlinks, conversion rates, and engagement metrics. If an SEO firm doesn’t offer to share these numbers with you, then be very wary. 

These various metrics are a valuable way to measure your return on investment, another reason why finance professionals love SEO!

Sustainable results

An accounting client of ours was wise enough to trust the process, and boy, did it pay off. 

Just take a look at this graph, showing how their website visitors increased over the course of 36 months. The first few months following the website launch were slow going, but after the first 12 months, we start to see some real traction. 

The evergreen content we’ve created continues to achieve authoritative backlinks, visitors continue to enjoy a good user experience and the more the content matures, the more Google trusts and ranks it. 

The website has become a valuable business asset and continues to deliver brand recognition, customer acquisition, and business growth.

We’d love to talk

With our experience of working with finance professionals and our years of SEO expertise, we have produced outstanding results for clients, and we welcome the chance to do the same for your accountancy business.

If this article has sparked your interest and you’d like to find out more about what we do, then take a look at our website and get in touch to apply for a consultation. 

Or, if you are going to the Digital Accountancy Show on 15 June 2023, then we’ll see you there! Find us at stand number 105 and register for a free website SEO audit.

Ben Sisson, Managing Director, Targeted SEO

Targeted SEO is an agency specialising in organic SEO, website design and content strategy. Our clients are forward-thinking businesses throughout the UK that want to grow their online visibility and generate valuable leads. We have a proven track record of delivering impactful SEO campaigns for accountants that produce tangible results. For more information, please visit our website and get in touch.