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Digital Accountancy Show 2024

Your front row seat to the future of accounting & finance.

16th & 17th April 2024, Evolution London



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How Payhawk helped VEDA accounting to embrace efficiency in a new light

Maggie Stancheva
VEDA Accounting
Co-Founder & CEO
Robbie Hadfield
Director of Solution Engineering
Hey Fellow Accountants and Bookkeepers,

Let’s dive into the heart of what truly matters – simplifying our professional lives and boosting the efficiency of our practices. Introducing Maggie Stancheva from VEDA Accounting, and together with Payhawk, we’re hosting an open roundtable to unravel the magic of automation. In this session, we’ll explore strategies for seamless document sharing, explore the potential of innovative tools like Payhawk, and discuss how these can become our go-to solutions.

If you’re eager to streamline your accounting universe, elevate collaboration with both clients and team members, and perhaps add a touch of calm to your mornings, you won’t want to miss this. No jargon, just straightforward discussions on how we are optimising our practices. Come, share your insights, and let’s collectively usher in an era of effortless bookkeeping.

April 16 @ 12:45
12:45 — 13:15 (30′)

Knowledge Share Roundtable #2&nbsp

Maggie Stancheva, Robbie Hadfield