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Digital Accountancy Show 2024

Your front row seat to the future of accounting & finance.

16th & 17th April 2024, Evolution London



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Online event

25 May 2021

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The event is centred around helping you and your firm accelerate your digital transformation journey, with day one focused on your own practice, and day two honing in on your clients. The event will feature over 20 leading experts.

Here’s some of what you can expect to learn at the Digital Transformation Forum:


– How leading accountants are transforming their firms through digital technology – key lessons that can be learned from their experience

– How to map your client’s process systems

– How to set up app advisory as a significant source of income

– How to use digital to get ahead of MTD for income tax

– How to cater your outsourcing for large clients


25 May 2021

How to set up app advisory as a meaningful source of income in your firm

Masterclass: Learn how to map and analyse your client's processes and set them up for successful transformation

How we deliver Digital Transformation as a service to our clients

How to use tech to transform your clients relationship with their cashflow

UNCOVERED! - Revealing our workflows and how we have transformed our practice

How accountancy firms can succeed with digital transformation - 3 leading accountants explain how they are transforming their firms

How accountancy firms are executing digital transformation strategies in a post-Covid world

Transform your practice: how to cater your outsourcing for large clients

Delivering digital transformation ahead of MTD for Income Tax in April 2023

The pains and pleasures of digital transformation for accountants

Manual to automatic: Let Nephos Accountants take you through their Forge Motorsport Ltd transformation

Why attend

Lightning talks

Bite sized power lectures given by some of the UK’s most influential leaders from the accountancy and technology sectors.

Fireside chats

Panel discussions between accountants, technology leaders and finance and transformation experts.

Virtual round tables

Thought leading discussions between practice owners and CEOs around the future of the profession.

Hear from industry experts

Hear from some of the UK’s leading experts in finance technology, marketing, transformation and leadership.

Unlock growth

Discover new strategies, new income streams and better digital marketing can add value and generate significant new streams of income.

Boost efficiency

Explore new exciting apps that can help you transform your workflow, improve collaboration and boost your profits by saving you huge amounts of time.

Attend for free

This event is open to all, being free to attend.


Networking to help you make real-life connections digitally. Including speed networking and breakout discussions.

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