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📊xpna is a next-generation reporting and planning tool for multi-entity businesses.
🔀Consolidate multiple Xero and QuickBooks files into as many consolidated groups as you like and set up automated elimination rules to speed up month end.
🗺️Map disparate entities into a common chart of accounts - structure the chart in a way that makes sense for your business.
↘️Drill down to transactions to find mis-coded journals - click to go directly to the source document in Xero and have the fix reflected in your board pack 15 seconds later.
🎚️Create unlimited what-if scenarios for planning. Create top-down, bottom-up and driver-based models to plan accurately and efficiently.

Novus Business Connections

Novus: Your Partner in Telemarketing Excellence

At Novus, we take pride in supporting our clients' success, specialising in effective and quality appointment setting through telemarketing. With an extensive background in telemarketing, accountancy, and SaaS, our dedicated team of lead generation experts is committed to propelling your business forward.

Our Approach to Lead Generation

Novus stands out as more than just a telemarketing agency; we are your strategic partner in achieving meaningful results. Our focus extends beyond mere 'scores on the doors' to a comprehensive understanding of your growth objectives, ROI and the development of lasting client relationships.

Crafting Targeted Telemarketing Campaigns

As a high-level telemarketing agency, Novus rejects the 'smile and dial' approach. We invest time upfront to construct personalised campaigns, identifying your success criteria before making a single call. Understanding your objectives, unique selling points and prospect market is paramount to ensuring every call we make is purposeful.

Quality Over Quantity

For Novus, quality triumphs in every aspect of our service. We work collaboratively with your team to generate new business opportunities through meticulously planned, qualified and expert telemarketing campaigns, tailored to your specific requirements.

Flexible Engagement, Transparent Partnerships

Novus believes in flexibility. We don't burden our clients with lengthy agreements or exorbitant set-up fees. Engage with us on a 'switch on/switch off' basis, experiencing the Novus advantage without unnecessary commitments.

Integrity, Transparency, Expertise

Operating with the highest levels of integrity and transparency, Novus prides itself on being expert in enhancing our clients' new business pipeline. Let us navigate the telemarketing landscape for you, ensuring your brand not only gains new business appointments and brand awareness but also secures valuable market insights for sustained sales growth.



Introducing Paycada, your trusted partner in credit control optimization and streamlined invoice management. We specialize in seamlessly collaborating with businesses of all sizes, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions that accelerates invoice payments and reduces debtor days.

Integrated with your existing Xero accounting system, Paycada becomes an invaluable extension of your accounts receivable team, aligning effortlessly with your operations. Our end-to-end management solution equips your business with the tools needed to enhance credit control and boost cash flow.

Our key features include:

- Real-time Xero Integration: Experience instant and accurate data synchronization with Xero, ensuring your records are always up to date.
- Unlimited Invoices: Enjoy seamless scalability with no cap on the number of invoices you can manage, catering to the diverse needs of your growing business.
- Unlimited Users: Collaborate efficiently with your entire team; our platform allows an unlimited number of users with full access.
- Automated Payment Reminders: Effortlessly manage payment reminders with our automated system, saving time and ensuring timely collections.
- Full Audit History: Maintain detailed records of every invoice and payment reminder, providing a comprehensive audit trail for transparent tracking.
- Comprehensive Onboarding: Choose between guided onboarding or take full control with our self-onboarding option, ensuring a smooth start to your Paycada journey.
- Enhanced Collection Service: Elevate your collections process with specialized services tailored to handle persistent unpaid invoices effectively.
- Direct Support: Access dedicated support from our team of experts, ensuring that you receive timely assistance whenever you need it.

Experience the transformative capabilities of Paycada to automate your AR processes, ensuring increased efficiency and financial success.


Glide - Workflow Management


Since 2015, Inflo has been leading accounting firms into a new era of excellence by modernizing how they conduct audits.

Inflo’s complete digital audit platform integrates advanced data analytics, client collaboration, and quality management products — all supported by a comprehensive audit methodology.

Trusted by over 180,000 accountants globally, firms including Grant Thornton, BDO, Saffery, and Grassi use Inflo to:

- Grow revenue by attracting new clients and expanding existing ones
- Increase productivity and efficiency via embedded automation and analytics
- Attract and retain staff by adopting the latest audit technology and practices
- Improve client experience and satisfaction through enhanced collaboration and reporting

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