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Changepen is a cutting-edge payroll management platform, created by payrollers for payrollers, aimed at improving service efficiency and accuracy. It empowers businesses to elevate service levels through centralised data and information, enabling payroll managers to make more accurate decisions about their services.  By consolidating payroll-related tasks into a centralised platform, Changepen minimises manual data entry, mitigating errors associated with managing data across multiple systems, reducing redundancy and leading to increased efficiency.

The modular system boasts flexibility with dynamic data capture screens, adaptable payroll scheduling, centralised task management, instant messaging, document management, and a payroll task bar for real-time progress visibility.

Whether used by in-house, outsourced, or accountancy payroll teams handling numerous payrolls, Changepen offers a unified user interface for end users and provides payroll teams with a comprehensive overview of all operations.

The goal of Changepen is to transform the traditional approach to payroll services. By shifting payroll teams from data entry roles to strategic advisors, Changepen aims to revolutionise the way payroll services operate. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Changepen sets a new standard in payroll management, providing a systemic approach that ensures critical information is readily available for informed decision-making. This forward-thinking platform marks a significant step toward efficiency, accuracy, and innovation in the payroll management landscape.

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Simpro is the total business management software for trade service businesses. From job quoting and scheduling to inventory tracking, invoicing and everything in between, Simpro’s smart technology solutions and expert long-term support help businesses build, repair and power their future with complete control over operations.

Founded in 2002 by an electrical contractor and headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, Simpro supports more than 8,000 businesses and 200,000 users worldwide in the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, security and fire protection industries with 450+ employees in six global offices. Simpro builds products for all workflows so no matter whether you specialize in service jobs, asset maintenance, projects, residential or commercial, you can rely on Simpro to get it done.

The best part? Simpro is your partner and coach every step of the way, from setup and implementation to training and ongoing 24/6 support that will never leave you hanging.

Ready to transform your business? Work smarter, with Simpro.


What is Pulse?

Actionable insights driven by financial data intelligence.
Pulse is a cutting-edge platform transforming financial management data for Business Advisors and Accountants. Its intelligence-led dashboard stands out by providing actionable insights and next best actions, instilling confidence in both users and their clients. Our expertise in simplifying and enriching data has positioned Pulse as a trusted resource among an increasing number of experts.

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A2X makes reconciling your Amazon, Shopify, and other sales channels in Xero, Sage, QBO, or NetSuite a breeze. Every transaction - sales, fees, taxes, refunds, and more – is categorised into accurate summaries that reconcile perfectly with deposits in your accounting software.



LiveCosts is a construction cost management software fully designed to manage your construction project accounting for today’s Builders & Trade Contractors. LiveCosts is transforming the way construction projects costs are being tracked through automation with better control and visibility over project portfolios. LiveCosts software integrates with Accounting softwares, is used on thousands of construction projects around the world and replaces labour intensive spreadsheets with smart, simple & sophisticated software that empowers profitable projects.