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How to win more clients over with a great proposal

We’ve worked with accountants for years now, and if there’s one challenge we hear time and again from growing firms, it’s: “I’ve got enough clients, but how do I focus on getting the work I want?”

Pitching for work and putting fee proposals together can be time-consuming – but it’s key to working with both more, and more of the right type of, clients. And if you’re consistently winning the business you like working with, you’ll spend more of your time doing what you want to do.

These days, with digital becoming king and geography being less of a factor, the pool of competition has widened. You know as well as we do that the days of tick-box services are over. And that’s no bad thing.

But it does mean it’s even more important that your proposal stands out. With so much choice, your clients – whether they’re small business owners, individuals, or more established organisations – are really after one thing: an
accountant who listens, adds value, and works in partnership with them. So, how do you communicate that in a business proposal? Here, we’ve set out some top tips and tricks, and pointed you towards some handy templates, to get you started. Once you’ve got the structure in place, we’ll share ways to make things repeatable – so that you’re not spending a minute more than you need to put your proposals together in the future.

Getting it right is worth the investment. A clear, transparent, and well-laid out sales proposal can be the difference between landing your dream client or seeing that relationship go to your competitor, instead.

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