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Pricing Your Services Effectively

How to find the right price for your services

What happens when you are too cheap? You work too hard, you have too many clients and too little time.

If you were charging the right price you would have time to serve your clients properly, without exhausting yourself. Being ‘too cheap’ means that you work too hard and you have too many clients. You cannot provide a good standard of service this way.

Being ‘too expensive’ means that you are not delivering well enough and your customer service is not up to standard. There is no such thing as ‘too expensive’, there is definitely such a thing as not delivering value for money. There are methods that will help you get better prices – delivering higher value services will help you get higher fees.

However, unless you are charging fees that are commensurate with the service you are delivering and the way your customers feel when they are in contact with you, you are charging the wrong price and the business, as a whole must be looked at.

What you will learn by downloading this e-book:

  • The key pricing strategies available to you
  • How to review your business and pricing strategy
  • Ideas for implementing a new pricing model
  • How to communicate change to your clients

Learn how to price your services effectively by reading this eBook today.

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