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Client Manager Success: How to support clients, implement the right tech, and deliver results

The role of the Client Manager is pivotal to the success of many accounting & bookkeeping firms.

Between managing client relationships as the first point of contact, preparing reports & financial statements, to recommending and implementing the right selection of apps to help a client’s business thrive, the role of the Client Manager is varied and challenging.

So what can current & future client managers do to support clients, implement the right tech, and deliver results?

Joining us on this panel to share their experience are 3 rising stars in the world of digital accounting:

⭐️ Emma Cohen – Digital Solutions Manager at Raffingers

⭐️ Leo Tidman – Lead Advisor at The WOW Company

⭐️ Charlotte Firth – Client FC at Gravitate Accounting 

They’ll be sharing with you:

  • Some of the biggest challenges in the role and how they’re solving them
  • How to develop a better understanding of clients’ needs by asking the right questions
  • Tips & advice for recommending the right apps (and getting clients to actually use them)
  • How to keep clients engaged and see value in the work that you do
  • Advice for other digital accountants & bookkeepers looking to progress into these roles

There will also be an opportunity to ask other questions during the Q&A towards the end.

If you’re a partner/owner looking to hire a new client manager, an existing client manager looking to learn from others, or somebody with future aspirations of stepping into this role, then tune into this webinar to learn first-hand experiences and insights from people on the front line. 


1. Day to day of a client manager and the challenges of this role


2. Raffingers, Gravitate Accounting, The Wow Company and their digital journey


3. Where to find the right apps for clients


4. Implementation and pricing


5. E-commerce client case study: Integrating A2X and Xero


6. Project managing technology


7. Delivering advisory: profitability and insights session


8. Raffingers App Stack Demo


9. Advisory software and benefits of Loom


10. Favourite apps - Fathom, Chaser, and Pleo


Emma Cohen

Leo Tidman

Charlotte Firth

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