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Getting Started with Crypto Taxes

The taxation of cryptocurrencies and other crypto assets have become trending topics over the past year – yet few business professionals can grasp the intricacies, opportunities, and challenges posed by this new technology. In this webinar specifically designed for accountants and tax professionals, Koinly’s Head of Tax, Tony Dhanjal will kickstart your journey by covering accountant best practices, crypto capital gains tax, income tax, which UK crypto exchanges report to HMRC, how to avoid paying tax on cryptocurrency, and how to use a crypto tax calculator to work out your taxes. There is no denying that cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and that tax practitioners must be ready to handle cryptocurrency taxation for their clients.

Who is suitable for the session?

This webinar is best suited for private practice and in-house teams including: Tax Junior/Trainee, Tax Manager, Tax Director, Tax Partner, Sole Practitioners.

Why should people attend the event?

By attending this webinar, you’ll learn how UK crypto tax works, HMRC guidance on investing in cryptocurrencies or using them for personal or business transactions, as well as understanding how crypto tax technology plays a role in automating crypto tasks and calculations.


1. Session overview


2. Why should you get into crypto?


3. Bottlenecks when dealing with crypto taxes


4. Educating yourself


5. ROE, ROI, and pricing for crypto services


6. Taking a holistic approach


7. Dealing with complex cases


8. Building a software eco-system


9. Koinly Demo


Tony Dhanjal

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