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16th & 17th April 2024, Evolution London



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Session #11: Becoming Exit Ready Become Invaluable To Clients

The chance of your clients exiting their business successfully is agonisingly small. Most business owners mistakenly assume that just because they are making sales and generating a profit, selling their business is straight forward, nothing could be further from the truth.

Of all the sessions so far, this is the one that will open your eyes to the massive value hidden in your client base.  Join us when we will really put the icing on the cake giving you the insight you need to be able to clients why they need your assistance to achieve their goals and ambitions.

​In session #10 Sanjay Shah delivered an incredibly valuable insight into how you could help your clients establish ‘Their Number’, how much wealth they need to live the life they want without ever running out of money.

Without your help most businesses will fail to exit, or at best be forced to accept a valuation that is massively below what they should be able to realise on Exit. We are fortunate to have Cliff Spolander of Business Optics, whose spent most of his working life building value in, acquiring and preparing businesses, (and their owners), for exit.

Join us to discover why most businesses are un-saleable and what to do about it.

  • Why most business owners leave it far too late to prepare for exit – when is the ideal time to start
  • Why preparing the owner and the business is good practice right now, regardless of their planned exit date
  • How to become an invaluable part of your clients exit preparation and planning process


1. Who is exit planning for?


2. The reality and the current landscape


3. The causes of the lack of saleable companies


4. Creating an exit strategy - clarity


5. Clarity on exit planning


6. Master action plan (map)


7. The value of consistency


8. Overview of an exit strategy


9. The outcome and key take aways


10. Q&A Session


Cliff Spolander

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