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Session #8: Helping Clients Buy More: Transaction Number and Value

Before looking to acquire new clients, focus on strategies to increase average transaction values at the same time as increasing the average transaction value – something everyone should look to do before acquiring new clients, equally relevant both to us and our clients.​

There are inevitably many more problems and issues our clients have, just waiting to be highlighted and a solution put forward, but unless we are focussed in our systems and processes to make sure the ‘right’ discussion takes place at the right time these ‘low hanging fruit’ simply wither on the vine unpicked, bad for us, bad for our clients, to join us on Thursday to discover how to…

  • Get your entire team focussed on these incredibly valuable KPI’s (Average Transaction Value and Average Purchase Frequency)
  • Increase the life time value of clients by solving more of their problems, increasing your value and your fee income
  • Become an invaluable sounding board and mentor for your clients, simply by asking good questions


1. Recap of previous sessions


2. Increasing prices vs. increasing volume


3. Quick tips for increasing transaction frequency & value


4. Gross margin improvement


5. Keeping customers engaged


6. Your position in the market & what you can offer to customers


7. Checklist for why some spend and buy more frequently


8. Setting targets and the impact of making changes


9. Q&A session


Neil Ballard

Managing Director, Lewis Ballard Accountants

Neil is Managing Director of Lewis Ballard Accountants and Director of top 20 accountancy group Xeinadin. Neil was named the UK’s Most Inspiring Accountant and featured in the book The World’s Most Inspiring Accountants for his dedication to helping clients grow and develop their businesses. Neil has over 30 years of experience advising businesses throughout the UK. His proactive advice ensures that our full range of business clients continue to prosper through even the toughest times. A former WRU International Rugby Referee Neil applies the insights and principles from the pitch to great effect in business (without a whistle!).

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