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Digital Accountancy Show returns 15th June 2023

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Session #9 Low & No Cost Customer Acquisition Strategies

There are smart ways to acquire new clients that cost little or nothing, and there are strategies that cost more to deploy than they generate in profit, which ones will you focus on to grow yours and your client’s business?

In Session #8 Gavin Jones of Lewis Ballard and Xeinadin gave all of us an invaluable reminder of the importance of focussing on two of the most important growth drivers of all:  Increasing the transaction frequency and the average transaction value.

Now the other growth drivers have been ‘fixed’ your return on investment in new customer acquisition has been optimised, it is time to look at methods and strategies to acquire more of the ‘right’ soft of client. Join us at 11:00 on Thursday to discover…

  • How important it is to clearly define the profile of your ideal client
  • Strategies to develop and strengthen your relationship and trust with prospective new clients
  • A simple step by step check list for New Customer Acquisition


1. Recap of previous sessions


2. How many new clients do you need?


3. Client relationships


4. The client acquisition process


5. Understanding your target audience


6. Where's your proof - how to appeal to your targets


7. Communication and engagement


8. Improving customer acquisition checklist


9. Attracting the perfect client


10. Revenue impact


11. Q&A Session


12. Recommended actions


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