Digital Accountancy Show 2023

Digital Accountancy Show returns 15th June 2023

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Tackling the future of FinTech, from Open Banking to the rise of super apps

There are now over 2.5m Open Banking payments a month, compared to just 320,000 in the whole of 2018 when Open Banking was launched.
Open Banking is a powerful technology, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of small businesses in dramatic ways. But many clients and possibly many accountants are not fully aware of the benefits and different ways that it can help.
Join our panellists as they unpick the findings of recent research carried out by Accounting Web and iwoca, ‘Open Future | What does Open Banking mean for accounting firms’


1. Current driving forces for innovation in fintech


2. The success of open banking


3. Areas within fintech to look out for in the coming years


4. Making the UK a hub for fintech


5. Using fintech to benefit your business and clients


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