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Digital Accountancy Show returns 15th June 2023

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What AML and regulatory matters should accountants be aware of as Crypto accounting & tax service providers?

A common media narrative seems to be that crypto and blockchain technology is a criminal’s paradise due to its pseudonymous nature. So as an accountant and tax service provider, have you ever wondered what the AML position is in this space? We’ll be demystifying this and exploring the regulatory outlook and discussing why this matters for your business.

What can attendees expect to gain/learn from this on-demand webinar:

  • The key considerations for accountants and crypto tax service providers as an obliged Anti Money Laundering (AML) entity and why it matters – from a crypto tax barrister

  • How technology can help meet AML obligations and reporting

  • The regulatory outlook in the UK and potential implications for accountants

Joining us on this panel to share their expertise are Tony Dhanjal, Head of Tax at Koinly, and  Ben Symons, Tax Barrister at The 36 Group.


1. Why Blockchain and digital ledger systems are the future


2. Key considerations for dealing with anti money laundering within Crypto/Blockchain


3. How you can do a risk assessment on crypto based clients


4. The Central Bank and Governments involvement in Crypto and Stablecoins


5. Taxation of decentralised Finance activity


6. The travel rule and NFTs


7. Final thoughts


8. Q&A Session


Tony Dhanjal

Ben Symons

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