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Digital Accountancy Show 2024

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16th & 17th April 2024, Evolution London



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Going Above and Beyond: Why Accountants Should Recommend Apps to Wow Their Clients

Are you an accountant looking to elevate your client services to new heights? Join our webinar to discover how recommending innovative apps can revolutionise the way you serve your clients and set your accounting practice apart from the competition.

In this engaging session, we will explore the transformative power of integrating cutting-edge apps into your accounting toolkit. Learn how these apps can enhance collaboration, streamline processes, and deliver remarkable value to your clients, making you a trusted advisor they can’t live without.

1. Evolving Accounting Landscape: Explore changing client expectations and tech-driven financial solutions.

2. App Ecosystem Essentials: Find the right apps for efficient accounting, from expense management to real-time reporting.

3. Enhancing Client Engagement: Use user-friendly apps to boost client interactions and understanding.

4. Advisor Transformation: Harness app recommendations to empower data-driven decisions and sustainable growth.

5. App Selection Mastery: Learn how to choose and integrate apps for maximum impact.

6. Pleo: Streamline Expenses with Pleo: Discover how Pleo transforms expense management.

7. Success Stories: Real-life examples of accountants driving success through app recommendations.

8. Overcoming Challenges: Tackle app adoption issues, data security, and client resistance.

9. Client Relationship Building: Foster loyalty and referrals through app recommendations.

10. Q&A and Networking: Engage in live Q&A, share insights, and expand your network.

Don’t miss this webinar to elevate your accounting practice with cutting-edge apps and wow your clients!


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