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Koinly is a tax reporting software that helps accountants produce reliable and accurate crypto tax reports for clients with ease.

With over 17000 cryptocurrencies, integrations with 400 exchanges and 6+ years of historical crypto price data, Koinly takes all your complicated paperwork from crypto taxes and boils it down to a compliant and audit-proof tax report in minutes. This allows you to manage multiple clients, save time, and focus on growing your practice.

““Since we got Koinly, we have doubled the number of clients we have. This is mainly because Koinly allows us to serve more cryptocurrency clients quickly and accurately. In the past, we have tried many different softwares but when we found Koinly we knew we wouldn’t need anything else. Not only is the interface very user friendly but the software also has a lot of integrations with automatic APIs that make our lives easier and our clients lives easier as well.” ”

Shukry Haleemdeen MSc, ACMA, MBCS Founder, My Accountancy Team, My Crypto Tax

“"We’ve been working with Crypto clients for years and back then, it was an incredibly painful experience until we started using Koinly. We’re now able to provide fuller and richer jobs for our clients. Koinly allows us to collate data from different wallets and platforms through the use of API technology or CSV uploads. This means that instead of having a spreadsheet for every single wallet, you have one system that collates all of the crypto transactions in one place and offers you easily downloadable reports that very clearly show you what the capital gains are. Koinly does all the calculations behind the scenes which frees me up to do more strategic work and offer the best services to my clients"”

Chris Barn, Head of Accounts, Accounts & Legal

“"Koinly is the best bit of software you don’t yet know you need. It has changed the way we manage our Crypto clients and improved our ability to help clients make more strategic business decisions.

Pre Koinly, sorting out client crypto taxes was very difficult and time consuming and therefore not cost effective for our business or clients. So not only has Koinly created cost savings for us, it has also improved the output of our work. Koinly is a platform that any accountancy practice can use, whether you're a single practitioner or a very large firm, you’d get benefits out of Koinly."”

Ben Schaefer, Head of new business, accounts and legal.

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