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Digital Accountancy Show 2024

Your front row seat to the future of accounting & finance.

16th & 17th April 2024, Evolution London



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Cynare is a specialist software and consulting organisation, providing solutions to professional services Firms

What do we do?
We call it pragmatic practice automation
It delivers real results, rather than just talking about them
Our Clients see us as partners, working together to solve technical challenges, in a timeframe that fits their business needs, using the very latest technologies
We consider everything, from blue-sky AI all the way to feet-on-the-ground pragmatic automation
We provide a usable, accessible platform for our professional services firms to provide to their Clients with their own branding, allowing their Clients to engage in a wide range of work tasks completely securely
Uniquely, we work with Firms to develop business strategy, seeing it through to actual delivery of the supporting IT. Using our wide experience, the consulting Team can work on new approaches to old issues
We take responsibility for our work and never just sub-contract it to others
This provides a direct route between the business owners of our Clients and the business owners of Cynare

Who do we work with?
Cynare selects Clients by asking 3 questions to decide a fit
Is your organisation fun?
Are your projects challenging?
Do you pay the bills?
Ultimately, we understand that reputation is key
By embracing automation, risk is managed, leaving you to go off and find something even more interesting to do

Who are we?
Our combined experience in medium size accounting firms adds up to over 50 years
Our small but multi-skilled and highly qualified team comprises accountants, financial experts, designers, technologists, accessibility gurus and a teacher
We are ideally and uniquely placed to provide pragmatic practice automation that works

Things you will see at our stand