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Digital Accountancy Show 2024

Your front row seat to the future of accounting & finance.

16th & 17th April 2024, Evolution London



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Glasscubes is a simple productivity tool for accounting firms. Request, gather, and process client information, effortlessly. Even in bulk. We streamline a firm’s client data collection process, save hundreds of man-hours, and provide management with real-time visibility on progress. Our service is trusted by the UK’s leading firms for personal tax, VAT, corporate finance, and audit/accounts.

Glasscubes gathers client information more efficiently, it is streamlined, organised, and progress is visible, resulting in a reduction of manual overhead.

Move your workload forward faster with automated reminders that chase clients for outstanding items. This not only frees up a substantial amount of time for you and your team but also encourages clients to send their information earlier.

Real-time reporting and tracking empowers you and your team to oversee the advancement of all client information requests. The efficiencies this produces allows everyone to focus on higher value activities.

Auto-channelled Communication:
Glasscubes automatically keeps all your client’s responses and queries together, along with the original request – no matter which team member responds. Save significant amounts of time and reduce the risk of overlooked communication, duplicate client requests, or the use of wrong information, which could lead to extended turnaround times, or in the worst case, fines.

Tracking and Convenience:
Leverage real-time tracking and automatic status updates for individual items within large information requests, such as audit. This allows you move forward and process items as they arrive, ahead of the entire response being received.

A smarter, faster way of gathering client information than by email.

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