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Digital Accountancy Show 2024

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16th & 17th April 2024, Evolution London



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Bronze Partner

Novus Business Connections

Novus: Your Partner in Telemarketing Excellence

At Novus, we take pride in supporting our clients' success, specialising in effective and quality appointment setting through telemarketing. With an extensive background in telemarketing, accountancy, and SaaS, our dedicated team of lead generation experts is committed to propelling your business forward.

Our Approach to Lead Generation

Novus stands out as more than just a telemarketing agency; we are your strategic partner in achieving meaningful results. Our focus extends beyond mere 'scores on the doors' to a comprehensive understanding of your growth objectives, ROI and the development of lasting client relationships.

Crafting Targeted Telemarketing Campaigns

As a high-level telemarketing agency, Novus rejects the 'smile and dial' approach. We invest time upfront to construct personalised campaigns, identifying your success criteria before making a single call. Understanding your objectives, unique selling points and prospect market is paramount to ensuring every call we make is purposeful.

Quality Over Quantity

For Novus, quality triumphs in every aspect of our service. We work collaboratively with your team to generate new business opportunities through meticulously planned, qualified and expert telemarketing campaigns, tailored to your specific requirements.

Flexible Engagement, Transparent Partnerships

Novus believes in flexibility. We don't burden our clients with lengthy agreements or exorbitant set-up fees. Engage with us on a 'switch on/switch off' basis, experiencing the Novus advantage without unnecessary commitments.

Integrity, Transparency, Expertise

Operating with the highest levels of integrity and transparency, Novus prides itself on being expert in enhancing our clients' new business pipeline. Let us navigate the telemarketing landscape for you, ensuring your brand not only gains new business appointments and brand awareness but also secures valuable market insights for sustained sales growth.

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