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Digital Accountancy Show returns 15th June 2023

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£0 to £1m turnover in 3 years with advisory at the core

In this revealing session, Paul Surtees will tease out some of the secrets flinder founders, Alastair and Luke, applied in their strategy for growth. You will hear how they grew flinder from just an idea on a beach to a £1m, multiple-award winning brand, in less than 3 years.


1. 1. The birth of flinder


2. 2. Day 1 strategy for flinder


3. 3. Planning ahead & goal setting


4. 4. The importance of data


5. 5. Using partners to deliver ancillary services


6. 6. Avoiding bottlenecks and focussing on advisory


7. 7. Organisational structure & process


8. 8. Accounting Planning Workshops


9. 9. Introducing 3rd partner partners to clients - branding


10. 10. Mistakes & Learnings


11. 11. Using time efficienctly


12. 12. Pushing the business into new areas


13. 13. Organic growth vs acquisition


Alastair Barlow, Founder, flinder

Alastair is founder and Chief Dreamer at flinder. flinder provides accounting, consulting and rich real-time management information for growing businesses. As well as his work with fast-growth businesses and transforming finance functions, he writes for AccountingWeb in a monthly column, sits on the ACCA Practitioner’s Panel Network and was shortlisted as Business Person of the Year in 2019.

flinder is an international and multiple award-winning accounting, consulting and data analytics business.

Paul Surtees, Co-founder, Capitalise

Paul is the Co-founder of Capitalise and has more than 13 years of banking experience. He previously worked as an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs, leading their sales teams. As an investor and mentor to SMEs, Paul recognised the challenges advisors had in sourcing finance for their clients and founded Capitalise.

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