Digital Accountancy Show 2023

Digital Accountancy Show returns 15th June 2023

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How to 10X your revenue

In this session Reza Hooda, takes us through the incredible opportunity that can see accountancy firms 10X their revenue. You will learn how Reza has built his practice to over £1m in revenue, with just 5 staff and only working 15 hours per week by selling advisory services. In this session you will learn how what clients really want, how to communicate advisory services to your clients and where the big opportunities are right now.




1. 1. Is compliance dead?


2. 2. What does Advisory mean?


3. 3. The journey to high value advisory


4. 4. What is the 10X opportunity?


5. 5. How to communicate the value


6. 6. Go beyond finance


Reza Hooda, Partner, Walji & Co

Reza Hooda is a practice owner, coach and mentor to accounting firms worldwide. He can be found sharing weekly video insights on Linkedin and has an active YouTube channel with bite size practice growth tips and strategies. Over the last 13 years he has quadrupled turnover, raised net profit margins to 50% in his firm and now spends less than 10 hours a week managing the practice.

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