Digital Accountancy Show 2023

Digital Accountancy Show returns 15th June 2023

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How to double your client’s profits in 5 east steps

This is a hands-on practical workshop specifically for accountants in practice.

Aynsley (a qualified chartered accountant and former CEO of the multi-award-winning advisory accounting firm Tayabali Tomlin) will take you through a proven business advisory framework, leveraging the power of technology to drive your client’s growth and success.

This framework has been consistently used to double clients’ profits’. Aynsley will take you through the first steps to introduce or scale advisory within your firm, the conversations to have and how you can price your advisory services.

You will leave with a plan of action to implement with your accounting firm.


1. 1. Introduction to Clarity


2. 2. Why small business matter


3. 3. What SMEs want from their accountants


4. 4. The state of accounting & implementing advisory


5. 5. How to double your clients profits - framework


6. 6. The 7 key numbers


7. 7. 5 levers of success


8. 8. The gap analysis


9. 9. Creating a plan


10. 10. Measuring & monitoring the results against the plan


11. 11. Recap


12. 12. First steps


Aynsley Damery, Founder, Clarity

Aynsley is a chartered accountant, multi-award winning entrepreneur and international keynote speaker. He has advised thousands of businesses around the world and sits as an advisory board member on a number of companies and charities. He is considered one of the most influential accountants in the UK and has co-authored an international best seller. Aynsley is the current CEO of business advisory software Clarity.

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