Digital Accountancy Show 2023

Digital Accountancy Show returns 15th June 2023

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How to tax cryptocurrencies

In this session Dennis Wahlfarth, Founder of Crypto Tax software Accointing, Joe David, Founder of Nephos and Dan Cockerton, Founder of discuss the tax implications of cryptocurrencies. Dennis will demo Accointing which is developed to automate the tax implications of cryptocurrencies.


1. Painting the picture - why should accountants care


2. Intro to MYNA Accountants


3. Capital gains vs business income


4. Lost keys, staking, airdrops, gifting & spousal transfers


5. Margin trading & derivatives


6. DeFi transactions & liquidity pooling


7. NFTs


8. Accointing demo


Joe David, Founder, MYNA & Nephos Accountants

Joe David is the founder of MYNA, a cryptocurrency accountancy firm. A self-confessed technology geek, Joe has been a key player in driving the use of technology in the accountancy industry over the last few years through his other practice, Nephos.

Dennis Wolhfarth, Founder, Accointing

Dennis Wohlfarth is the co-founder of Accointing. A German, 27-year-old, Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Stuttgart that loves German cars, beers, dogs & project management. Dennis is your usual German stereotype except for two things: my love for shrimp avocado tacos and cryptocurrency taxes.

Dan Cockerton, Founder,

Dan Cockerton is the founder of, a content, community and learning platform for digital accountants. Dan has worked with over 1,000 accountancy practices across a 12 year period and is on a mission to give accountants the information, connections and tools to thrive in a digital world.

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