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VFD Pro totally automates the process of extracting data, analysis and reporting on business performance.  This means you and your team don’t waste time, you go straight into delivering value that is valued and desired by clients.

VFD Pro - Business Performance Analysis and Reporting

In a larger business the Financial Controller (FC) has the task of extracting data and generating reports for management.  The Finance Director (FD) then works with the Board of Directors to make financially sound decisions and to keep the management team on track. 

The FC function typically takes between 2 and 4 days each month, the resulting reports cannot always be relied on due to errors in the data or broken formulas in Excel, and let’s face it, no-one values the time spent on back office number crunching, the value is in the discussion.

VFD Pro total automates the FC process, extracting data and generating highly detailed, accurate management reports in near real time so you and your team can focus on delivering outstanding value providing Management Information and part-time FD services for the clients who need more than a basic bookkeeping function, but cannot justify a full time FD.

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