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Digital Accountancy Show 2024

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16th & 17th April 2024, Evolution London



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Session #3 Quick Win Cash Strategies

Overheads are not the sexiest growth driver, are totally under your control and there are inevitably quick-win opportunities for cash generation and profit savings for every business. In this session Mike will share some top tips that will work for you and for your clients.  This session will help you:

  • Appreciate new ways to quickly find ways to identify the cash leaking from your business
  • Provide you with an invaluable step by step check list for optimising overheads
  • Discover overheads that need to deliver a positive ROI


1. Recap of previous sessions


2. Growth objectives


3. The steps to optimising overheads


4. Utilities analysis


5. Profit & cash impact of optimising overheads


6. Q&A & key takeaways


7. Recommended actions


Mike Ogilvie

Managing Director

Mike Olgivie is an inspirational speaker, writer and business coach. Mike runs X5 Chartered Accountants and knows exactly the challenges and opportunities the modern-day accountant faces. Mike is highly knowledgeable, experienced, innovative, and down to earth when it comes to suggesting how you can maximise profits in your business and plan for optimum success, whether you are a start up or a long established practice in need of assistance.

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